Alexis Rhodes vs Haazen

Haazen has returned but now he’s fighting a pretty skilled duelist from Duel Academy. One on one it is definitely possible that he could take down all of her monsters. She doesn’t exactly have an ace in the hole kind of monster the way that a lot of the other duelists do. That said, she still does have a whole army of them so in the end the sheer numbers would just overwhelm Haazen. His lightsaber can only cut away at so many targets at once. Alexis Rhodes wins.

2 thoughts on “Alexis Rhodes vs Haazen

  1. I’m not denying either of their abilities, but most of the time, Alexis doesn’t have what it takes to defeat Haazen. Considering what Force Lightning did to Vader, the Duel Disk would be rendered all but useless, and then Haazen would go in for the kill.

    • Yes but assuming she has all her monsters summoned, it’ll be difficult for Haazen to close the gap quickly enough to take Alexis down for the count. Her trap cards will help as well

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