My 2021 Reddit Recap

Reddit just sent out a 2021 recap which is pretty cool. It’s not huge but does have some fun little stats so I figure I’ll post them below with a little dialogue/commentary from yours truly.

I admit that I’m not sure how that would translate into posts but it sure sounds like I was doing a lot of posting. Not surprising to be honest as I’m certainly on Reddit daily. There’s always something on there to post about. I still consider it to be the greatest site out there, you could wander Reddit for years and never get bored.

This is a cool stat. I’m not surprised that I had the best karma experience over on the Black Clover reddit. It’s a very relaxed and low key place to hang out. As with all Shonen Jump manga titles that are approaching what may be the final arc, you do see a lot more criticism of the current events but I would say the general tone is still positive here. I’m always up for talking about what’s going on and why Asta is the best main character of our generation. I’d recommend checking this reddit out for a fun time.

Joining a reddit is always fun since you’ll see posts from each one on occasion when you’re on the personalized main page. The memes reddit in particular has been a really fun one. There’s just so much cool stuff going on in there and always something funny each day. The manga reddit is cool when you see a title that you recognize although it’s mainly for obscure titles and one shots I’ve never heard of. I don’t remember joining the Giants reddit but I do poke my head around there to have some fun.

Obtaining 14 awards is pretty good. It definitely shows that my comments are really getting out there. I try to make sure I’m handing out the free awards I get too whenever I get them. No point in holding onto them right? There’s always a good comment in need of an award somewhere.

I definitely have to take full credit for getting the One Piece reddit out there. Without me, they would not have seen quite so many big threads like my Zoro vs Sanji thread and things like that. I’m always in there pointing out why Yamato is immensely powerful and things like that.

So I forgot that this was my top voted thread. That’s pretty cool, I was definitely having a bit of fun here with how Tower of God will discard even the most popular characters for years at a time. It’s been eons since we’ve seen Anak Jahad in the series and it’s too bad since she’s a lot of fun. I’m enjoying the current arc of course but due to where it takes place, we haven’t seen most of the main characters in a very long time now. With the arc not even close to being over, it’ll be a while before they return. I suppose people had some fun with this post.

For context, this post was about a Dolphins player named Waddle. In Fantasy Football he’s proven to be a real steal as the guy has been playing excellently throughout the season. He’s putting up high numbers but when people were saying that he was a WR1 I had to calm them down a bit with my comment here. It’s my highest voted comment of the year so the Reddit hivemind backed me up on this one.

I’m at over 4000 Karma on Reddit right now which is cool. It’s pretty crazy considering how much Karma I spend on my hot takes every day. I’m not sure what metrics are used for the ability or if it’s random but that was definitely neat.

This was the most interesting stat to me. Finally seeing the Top 3 Reddits I spend time on was fascinating. I’m not surprised about Character Rants being at the top. That place is just a blast and you really see editorials on every possible franchise imaginable. It’s really a great place to visit if you want to see what people are thinking. It’s also a good place to find both positive and negative editorials about something in case you want to see both sides.

The NFL reddit is self explanatory as I’m often there seeing what the latest news is or just discussing the past games. For The One Punch Man reddit, I’m always running around in there in case a chapter drops early or something like that. I definitely don’t want to miss it and have to be ready at any time!

With 2K Karma this year I suppose I doubled it from how I was before. I wonder if that means I’m more active on Reddit than usual or just posting more. Either way it’s a fun stat and I hope they continue giving these out. I was always sad when WordPress stopped doing their annual recaps.

I’m not sure about their 3 recommendations to be honest. I think the Pacers are a hockey team or something…not sure to be honest but I’m not that interested. The Colts and Lions are okay I suppose, I’ll probably go into their reddits and have a bit of fun to support the suggestions. I think they need to refine the algorithms a bit and recommend some anime communities to me though!

So that’s my 2021 Reddit recap! Some pretty fun stuff in there and always good to see what’s been going on. Below I’ll link every thread I’ve created in 2021. I won’t count basic question threads or some of the food ones so I’ll mainly just be posting the full dialogue threads or fun ones. I’ll list the franchises these threads are for so beware of spoilers and do not click on the links above if any of these are things you are not current with. The links themselves have the sub reddit and title built in so that’s also a quick way to tell what’s going on.

The National Football League
The Dallas Cowboys
One Piece
My Hero Academia
One Punch Man
Super Mario
PC Gaming
Tower of God
Hunter X Hunter
Kaiju No 8
Attack on Titan
Pokemon Go
Jujutsu Kaisen
Fairy Tail
Eden Zero
Candy Flurry
I Tell C
Fantasy Football
Papa John’s Pizza
Fruits Basket
Character Rants
How I Became Reincarnated as a Slime
Blue Box
Mega Man X Dive
The Detroit Lions

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