I have started the myth, the legend, the all time comedy known as Gintama. It certainly got tons of hype back in its day that’s for sure. I can see how it got so big since it really leans into its own unique comedy style with confidence. I can appreciate how out there it is and things are off to a fun start. We’ll see if it continues to rise and I will have a review up once I have finished the series.

Overall 7/10

2 thoughts on “Gintama

  1. Looking forward to your full review. I know of it because Viz dropped it and because of Sket Dance. From the little I’ve seen, Gintama may not be the sort of comedy for me, although maybe it’s funnier if you just drop in here and there versus the whole series. So I’m curious to what your final thoughts will be.

    • Yeah I’m very early on (Around volume 3) so it could definitely rise or fall by the end of things. I’ve got good vibes from it so far but always hard to say if it’ll stick

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