Madoka Orimura vs Itachi

Suggested by Wat It’s time for a big clash here as Madoka makes her blog debut. Her skills while inside the armor are quite considerable and in terms of pure speed she should be able to match Itachi and even exceed him in travel speed. That said, he has his shadow clones and the Sharingan which more than make up for this. I don’t see her suit holding up against Susanoo for very long and once Itachi starts to damage the suit then it’s all over. It would be very difficult for her to start to mount a comeback and he just has too many tools at the ready. Itachi wins.


2 thoughts on “Madoka Orimura vs Itachi

  1. Its finnaly time


    This fight is not as one sided as most think

    Lets start with itachi and his arsenal

    Medium chakra reserves

    Kunai (throwable weapons or close ranged weapons)

    Paper Bombs (bombs that can be set off by itachi)

    Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu (Fireball attack at the opponent)

    Fire Style: Dragon Flame Jutsu (Fireball in the shape of a dragon)

    Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu (Similar to last one)

    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu (rapid fire fireball attack)

    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Shuriken Jutsu (rapid fireball attack engulfed with shuriken)

    Shadow Clone Jutsu (creates a real clone of the user)

    Shadow Clone Explosion (shadow clones that can be set off to explode)

    Crow Clone Jutsu (Clones that are formed by itachi’s crows)

    Genjutsu Reflection (can reflect any genjutsu illusion back at the user)

    Genjutsu: Crow Ephemera (put users in a crow genjutsu world)

    Demonic Illusion: Clam Crow (similar to the last one)

    Demonic Illusion: Shackle Stakes (a genjutsu trap which binds foes in a genjutsu illusion where there pinned down by spikes)

    Summoning Jutsu (Can summon animals(crows) into battle)

    Sharingan (can copy jutsu’s, react faster and see chakra)

    Mangekyo Sharingan (A more upgraded version of the sharingan, if overused, can cause permanent blindness)

    Tsukiyomi (traps foes in a genjutsu that alter a foes perception of time, can also be used to reveal information)

    Izanami (can trap foes in a infinit egenjutsu loop)

    Amaterasu (black flames that burns the target until there is nothign left)

    Susano’o (A humanoid chakra figure that can be used as a offense or defense)

    Yata Mirror ( a shield that can block almost all damage)

    Blade of Totsuka (A sealing sword that can seal foes away)

    Yasaka Magatama ( a long ranged weapon capable of Huge damage)

    Now for madoka’s arsenal

    Master sharpshooter

    Skilled swordswoman

    Master assassin

    Silent Zephyrus ( comes equipped with energy shields and drones called BITS to defend Madoka or attack from a distance. Wearing it also increases Madoka’s regenerative abilities and given that she’s superhuman, it can heal some of her injuries quickly.)

    Ignition Boost (A short boost of speed)

    Star Breaker (combination of laser rifle and bayonet)

    Has six BITS, drones that can attack from a distance or defend the user

    Can summon a knife out of nowhere

    Kurokishi ( a more modified version of the silent zephyrus)

    Fenrir Blow ( A two handed energy sword, also is a whip)

    Gatling cannon ( A machine gun)

    Lancer Bits (hip mounted canons)

    Now lets compare their feats and find out who wins

    Now in terms of close range madoka had the advantage with better access to close ranged weapons, and had better armour to protect herself with.

    Not to mention her IS shields were a huge problem as they would be capable of blocking itachi’s ameterasu, this would also be bad since itachi’s eye powers take a huge toll on his stamina and chakra.

    And madoka also had itachi outsped, she was capable of dodging lightspeed lasers while itachi could only react to a lightning strike.

    Even more, madoka could potentially resist the effects of tsukuyomi.
    Both Kurukagi and the Tsukiyomi have been stated to be capable of interfering with the opponent’s mind and make them believe in their ideal world, and Madoka is considered superior to Chloe Chronicle who resisted it.

    Plus with her suit, she had the aerial advantage in flight

    Madoka has some pretty good advantages hereso with all of these advantages would she capable of winning
    The answer
    Absolutely not

    Itachi had the advantages that mattered much more
    While madoka’s IS shields could keep her from getting hurt by ameterasu the problem is that that those energy shields dont last forever.
    And thats a huge problem cause once there gone madoka is pretty vulnerable to normal damage

    Not to mention that itachi had a much damage output in his attacks then madoka
    Madoka has never shown strength feats leveled to when sasuke had destroyed the uchiha hideout with kirin

    And the speed advantage for madoka was not all that great, while yes itachi has reacted to lightning fasts speeds, Edo itachi, a itachi thats weaker then alive itachi could keep up with kcm1 naruto and killer bee, and kcm1 naruto could doge a punch from the 4th raikage at full speed, and in the data books its stated that the 4th raikage was near lightspeed.

    So naturally madoka, while still probably still being faster, her speed did not give her that much of an advantage

    And itachi’s arsenal was far more vast and more versatile while madoka’s was pretty limited

    And finnaly madoka had no way to get past susanoo, nto only could it allow itachi to survive the very same blast that destroyed the uchiha hideout
    The yata mirror could defend itachi from all of madoka’s machine guns and energy swords
    The yasaka beads allowed itachi a weapon to use at long range
    and the totsuka blade was a instant win move that could seal madoka away.
    And ameterasu could definitely kill madoka (as long as her IS shields are gone of course)

    In the end while madoka had a bit of a speed advantage, potential resistants to tsukuyomi and the high ground in aerial combat, it simply wont be enough to stop itachi’s 2 instant win measures, better power, durability and better arsenal.

    Itachi takes the win, mid diff (maybe lower but idk)

    • Yeah I agree here. As strong and resourceful as Maodka is, Itachi does have more advantages at his disposal. The Susanoo is definitely a huge asset for him since it is strength and defense. Like you said there isn’t really much that she can do to get past this one and since Itachi can still attack while inside of it, it’s like an ultimate defense of sorts. Anything she tries will just be blocked in an instant. His overall abilities are too good here and those reaction times are crazy. When she gets in close he would be able to buy some time and dodge until he has his techniques in place. Ultimately leading to his decisive victory all around.

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