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Superman vs Byakuya

Yay another Superman fight. It’s been a while. Superman doesn’t have what it takes to win here. While he may be fast enough to dodge most of Senbonzakura he usually chooses to just fly through attacks which will be his reckoning. Senbonzakura will defeat him. Byakuya wins.


2 thoughts on “Superman vs Byakuya”

  1. lol another weakling vs
    dude, superman’s invincible, super speed, super strength, byakuya’s super sword, super… easy to die(hey even ichigo beat him)
    god he’ll just grab all the swords and throw them back at him
    reply to that.. oh soz your ignorant brain is small it’ll probably come up with a stupid response, give me 1 point that actually shows that byakuya is better then superman other then he has a bunch of swords and flash step(which is slower then superman moving…)

    1. I wasn’t gonna say this at first, but I guess I have no choice 🙂 Superman is a decent fighter. He is tough and fast, but not at tough or fast as Byakuya. In fact there has been a time where he couldn’t control his power.

      Of course there’s a good reason for that, but I won’t say for now. Watch the video and find out.

      Byakuya could hurt Superman a number of ways. He could use any Kido and blast Superman to smithereens. He could use his Senbonzakura to slice and dice Superman. He could beat him to a pulp in hand to hand skills. He could stab Superman thousands of times with his sword etc. There is no possibly way that Superman can take care of Byakuya. Byakuya is a being who is far superior to Superman. I mean Superman has even lose to humans! HUMANS! Byakuya would never lose to such a weak creature.

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