Itachi vs Obito

Now this is a battle. They are both First Class ninja who are excellent at genjutsu. They both have also learned much about the sharingan. They are both Uchiha and are arguably the strongest Naruto characters in existence. It’s hard to tell who’s stronger since they’re about even in everything. I pick Itachi because he has the hand to hand edge. Itachi wins.

Update as of 03/01/2017 the verdict has been changed. Obito has completely surpassed Itachi by the end of the series and made the gap in their abilities considerable. Obito is physically on a whole other level and the fact that he also possesses the sharingan assures that Itachi won’t be able to pull any genjutsu tricks over him. Obito wins.


2 thoughts on “Itachi vs Obito

  1. Itachi would never directly make a move against Obito Uchiha , Obito is legitimately among the most powerful in Naruto . Itachi is a powerhouse but he is not nearly as powerful as Obito . Itachi would not be able to put a scratch on him. Obito is too strong. He has high speed regeneration so even if Itachi did land any attacks they would not kill him . And Obito was going h2h with Gai and kcm Naruto at the same time and was also avoiding attacks from bee and kakashi during the battle. Itachi could not do the same .Obito outclasses him in every possible way

    • You’re right. For a long while, I’d say that Itachi had the edge but by the end of the series Obito did surpass him. I’d argue that Obito didn’t actually surpass him until he got those supernatural abilities at the end of the series though. With those he is unquestionably better though so I’ll edit the match and character records accordingly

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