Captain Kirk vs Officer Trudge

Trudge has better cards than Kirk ever will. With his barrier card he can stop all of Kirk’s phazer blasts. Without those Kirk is finished. Plus Trudge has a number of other cards that he can use to beat Kirk. Trudge wins.

4 thoughts on “Captain Kirk vs Officer Trudge

  1. Kirk is a way better card player. Kirk invented Fizzbin, which became popular on a galactic scale. Because he’s the inventor, he gets to bastardize the rules of card games the way that Pegasus does.

    Fizzbin was invented in the episode “A piece of the Action.”

    • True, but Officer Trudge was able to take on Yusei and Yusei is one of the greatest Duelists of our generation. With Trudge’s determination and variety of cards; there are few characters who can defeat him

      • He can use a barrier card, sure, unless it’s Night, in which case he would have to give it back.

        Also, He gets fewer cards if it’s Tuesday.

      • True, but Officer Trudge has a lot of monsters at his disposal, which should help to breach the barrier. Sounds like Tuesday would be a disadvantage for him

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