Prismman vs Bowlman

Prismman has prisms that he can use to attack Bowlman. Bowlman has some bowling techniques that he can use to defeat Prismman. Prismman has crossfusion which is pretty tough. Bowlman loses again. Prismman wins.

2 thoughts on “Prismman vs Bowlman

  1. i think Bowlman would win because in battle network 3 (Blue) he is really hard to beat!!!!

    ok Bass (from net warrior or net axess) vs Prismman who do u think would win?

    • Bowlman is tough, but in the anime Prismman was able to fight Megaman to a standstill (Partially because he was holding back) and the fight ended in a draw. As for the other match. Bass PWNS. Bass just cannot be destroyed due to the Get Ability. With it he would be revived instantly and destroy anyone in his sight

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