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Broly vs Hercule

Broly is back to pwn again. Sadly for Hercule he’s the next opponent. Hercule wouldn’t last 5 seconds against him. Broly is The Legendary Super Saiyan for a reason. And that’s why he pwns and never loses a fight to anyone. Broly wins.

4 thoughts on “Broly vs Hercule”

  1. I voted for Hercule, well just because he’s that damn good =) and yes I’m sarcastic. But maybe Hercule will luck out and knock Broly out of the ring like how Hero humiliates Yamcha in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.

    1. Well I do like Hercule, but I can’t see him lucking out against Broly. I mean once Broly powers up that’s it for Hercule. He’ll be blown away or like Yuyuhakusho he’ll just blow up from the spirit energy. Broly (tied with Vegeta) Is The Strongest Saiyan around

      1. Yet Hercule survives against some of the strongest villains, and hasn’t died once. Unlike Krillin whom is much stronger, yet is the unfortunate one to have been killed four times. Hercule lasted with 18, took a slap from Cell, a punch in the nose from Buu, befriends Majin Buu which was a good thing. There’s been times if it wasn’t for Hercule, things wouldn’t have been the way it ended.

        Hercule one on one would be beaten down by Broly no problem. But as a survivalist in many fights, he’ll distract Broly long enough for the Heroes to win.

      2. Even then I don’t think Hercule could hold Broly for a second. If Broly powered up Hercule would die. The power is just too much. Also in the Blog it’s 1 on 1 matches only. So Hercule couldn’t call for help. Even if he did The Z Fighters can’t take on Broly. Broly’s too powerful

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