Luffy vs Nico Robin

Luffy can stretch and defeat many opponents. Nico Robin may have hand powers, but they won’t be able to defeat Luffy. Luffy’s gum gum powers are just too much to handle. Luffy wins.


4 thoughts on “Luffy vs Nico Robin

    • They are both equal in that sense, though I would think Luffy’s Arm is stronger since he’s been fighting for a long time and has had to run a lot. His muscles shoulod be a lot stronger than hers. Also he’s so strong now he hasn’t even had to use Gear 2 to beat 500,000 Enemies in a single hit. With Gear Two I don’t think Robin could defeat him

  1. The arenĀ“t both equal in that sense,because luffy his fists can withstand pressure and damage, while Robin can not.
    In the New World, Luffy is much stronger than robin. Luffy wins.
    But robin is also strong.
    Especially the most improved is Nami. Nami with her new weapon can now be the most powerful of the girls one piece.
    Because it can turn the world in chaos. Nami the Best *_*

    • Yeah Luffy definitely defeats Robin. He is the Captain after all so he needs to be the strongest.

      Of course if you want to help Robin you could always request a fight with her

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