Usopp vs Nico Robin

Nico Robin has hand powers, that could defeat Usopp. Usopp has a bow, but it won’t be able to win. Usopp is the sniper king and will keep trying until he ends his part of the arc. Nico Robin wins.

2 thoughts on “Usopp vs Nico Robin

  1. In this site’s poll, why is Nico Robin always beaten up by another strawhat crew? How come she was even overpowered by Usopp/Nami/Chopper? (You can look it in another poll in this site)

    Is Nico Robin really the weakest Strawhat crew?

    • I wouldn’t say she’s the weakest member. Usopp is weaker among others. I am a bit surprised that She’s losing in the polls. Maybe it’s only a temporary thing 🙂

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