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Nami vs Nico Robin

Nico Robin has the powers of hands with them she can take down Nami once and for all. Nami gets yet another loss and falls even lower down the chains. Nami needs a new power up. Nico Robin wins.

16 thoughts on “Nami vs Nico Robin”

  1. Especially the most improved is Nami in the New World. Nami with her new weapon can now be the most powerful of the girls one piece.
    Because it can turn the world in chaos. Nami the Best *_*
    Now Nami wins.

    1. Nami is definitely a better fighter now, but I don’t think she can defeat Robin. Robin has more experience in fighting and I prefer her powers.

      Of course if you want to help Nami then request a fight with her. One that she would win of course

  2. Nami can be made invisible !!!! when she wants.
    Nico Robin does not see.
    And also can turn the world in chaos!!!

    You just have to see the anime of Japan, and nami really is the best, soon.

    Nami wins.

    1. I have read the manga and seen all of the anime fights. I know a lot about One Piece. I just think that Robin would currently beat Nami. Think about it, Robin has been fighting for ages and learned a lot while working for Crocodile. Maybe Nami has better weapons, but Robin has much more experience and with her powers would be able to disarm Nami quick enough to win.

    1. I just have to be accurate. Robin’s still a better all around fighter than Nami.

      If you want to help Nami request a fight with her. I’ll gladly put it up on the blog pretty fast. Like say Nami vs Batgirl

  3. That’s your opinion.But you put it to Nami as the worst, and not the worst.

    Has trained hard through his mind when arlong was with.

    yYou’ll see soon in the manga, nami going to be the best girld,you just wait.

    Nami wins.

    1. But right now I’m totally caught up. I’m reading with the japanese magazine so there’s no way for me to fall behind. Also if you just read the latest chapter Robin got…….A Power Up!

      I’m afraid it’ll be even harder for Nami to catch up now, so why don’t you just request a fight with Nami and I’ll have it up on the blog by tomorrow

    1. I don’t know. For now Robin definitely wins. She is much stronger than Nami and will never lose.

      But if you want to help Nami why not give her a request fight?

    1. Nami’s good at being a navigator, but in fighting skills Robin defeats her. Robin has much more experience and can fight better.

      Also the two strongest girls in anime would probably be Slur and maybe Android 18 or Zangya

  4. But his opinion is that it is better nami.

    We all know that dreager1 like nico robin,but leaves the other review.

    And hopes that Nami gets a power up.

    In the latest chapter of one piece? there are still many more

    You just wait.

    Nami wins.

    1. There will be more One Piece chapters, but that may not help Nami. Nami and Robin rarely get power ups, so it could be years before they get another one. And if that happens then Robin will stay ahead of Nami for a long, long, long time. That’s why I keep saying that you should help Nami go higher until then. Like request her against Vivi or something. Then Nami can get some wins.

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