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King Cobra vs Crab

King Cobra has been getting a lot of wins, but now he’ll finally drop. The Crab is a tough animal with claws that can take out many animals. While he can’t fly he can still deal some heavy damage. King Cobra will be back. Crab wins.

6 thoughts on “King Cobra vs Crab”

  1. Hmm…Interesting match. A google search suggests you had in mind Cancer irroratus(aka Atlantic rock crab.) Except tell me how a crab with a 133 mm carapace and who knows how many kilograms can beat a 4 meter long snake?! To say Ophiophagus hannah is far larger is an understatement.

    1. That’s true, a normal crab couldn’t hope to stop the King Cobra. That being said, there are a few horror films where the crabs mutated into giant monsters so that gives them an edge in the raw power department.

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