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Smaug vs Crab

Suggested by Destroyer Crabs are pretty intimidating if you think about it. They never give up and they don’t back down. The only way to stop a crab is with a lot of raw power. Fortunately for Smaug that is something he can do. He can fire a quick blast to cook the Crab or he can use his claws to deal some punishing attacks. Either way I think it’s safe to say that the Crab is absolutely doomed in this fight. He’s simply outgunned and outmatched. Smaug wins.

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Gigan vs Crab

Suggested by Destroyer A Crab may be good at running from side to side but that’s not enough to help him out against a Kaiju size opponent. Gigan can win with a single energy blast or he can just step on the Crab. The victor will never have been in doubt either way. Not even turning into a giant would be enough to tip the scales. Gigan wins.

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Pac Man vs Crab

Pac Man is really on a roll and this crab is next on his list of foes to conquer. A Crab is one of those opponents that you don’t want to mess with, but they aren’t very difficult to defeat once you get around to them. Pac Man just needs to launch his key attack and the whole round will be over. The Crab has no way to dodge such an attack. Pac Man wins.

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Battra vs Crab

The Crab always knows how to use his speed to overwhelm the opponent. Of course it’s tough to try and speedblitz an opponent who’s flying above you. Battra just needs one good shot to take down his opponent. Battra’s definitely a force to be reckoned with and he keeps on taking wins. Battra wins.

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Crab vs Tengu Shredder

Tengu Shredder is back once again. A Crab may be pretty fast and deadly, but he’s no match against Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder knows hand to hand skills and can use them to take Crab down. Crab didn’t stand a chance against a being of such power. Tengu Shredder gets a win and rises up the blog. Tengu Shredder wins.