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Thanos vs Graviton

I’ve never been that impressed with Thanos. With the gauntlet he’s defeated nearly any character worth defeating. The thing is that’s only in the comics, and in the shows he never looked as good. The shows count for more in my book. Graviton wins.

4 thoughts on “Thanos vs Graviton”

  1. That would be in your book, only. If you’re older, like I am, and have been reading comic books for as long as I have, you most definitely don’t feel that way. Marvel and DC characters are born on the pages of comic books. The cartoons they happen to be depicted on reflect their back history, personalities, relationships, powers, look, emotions, and weaknesses as they have been established on the pages of the comic books that bore them. It is the same for any character. A character born in a video game is from then on based on his video game beginnings, no matter who writes him or how they change him and the same is to be said for cartoon character. No matter how simplistic or wacky their beginnings, they only exist because they were created in a cartoon.

    And in those comic books, where Thanos has existed since 1972, and Graviton since 1977, Thanos is one of the most feared, calculating and powerful evils in the Marvel universe (the combined group of heroes in the Infinity War, including the Hulk, with their thoughts, concerns and fears being felt by Professor X, admits to hoping he was not involved in the affair because they didn’t want to dance his dance again) All the while, Graviton is basically a running joke because he has such a high level of power but is routinely routed by whomever he is fighting. That, of course, changed in recent years when he returned bigger and badder and itching to prove himself by slaughtering the entire Redeemers team…but he then goes on to commit suicide. A classic loser.

    I will admit that Graviton was bad-ass in the Avengers cartoon, but even then it was sort of a take on his comic book persona, meaning that with all the power he had and as bad of a beating he was able to dish out, he still couldn’t close the deal and ended up being fried by Thor, who he had literally taken down earlier. And he has never come close to performing some of the feats Thanos has during his career. To put it in perspective, in his almost 40 years of comic book existence, Thanos possessed the Infinity Gauntlet for about a year and that was in 1991, 19 years after his creation. He was a monster before he had the Gauntlet and he was a monster after he lost the Gauntlet.

    As far as the shows are concerned, I have a feeling that Thanos will be introduced at some point in season 2 of the Avengers: EMH (and if rumors are true, will be featured somehow in the Avengers movie next summer.) If that actually does happen, mark my words, he will make the fight with Graviton look like a kindergarten fight.

    1. I found the comics more official back in the Stan Lee days. In modern times there have been so many continuity errors and mistakes by different authors that it makes you wonder how official it can be. Also in the comics there are so many (arguably) unaccuracies that I mostly just read for fun now. Like in Fear Itself (Don’t know which issue) Thor fought Hulk and Thing. Then for no reason Thor tells Hulk that he never could defeat him. I don’t buy that. Even with his power ups and vast endurance Thor could take him out eventually. But Hulk vs Thor is for another post. While the shows are as unofficial as it gets at least the fights are much better. In comics the fights are so short. Most fights don’t even last a whole issue anymore.

      Also in the Avengers TV Show Thanos probably will appear, but look better than Graviton….I don’t think so. Graviton anhiliated the Avengers in the opening two parter. Since then the Avengers have gotten belted in nearly every episode, but not to such extremes. Ultron came close, but when he pwned them it wasn’t as badly. As for Thanos being in the live action movie, It’s nearly definite. He was leaked to be in it, amongst a lot of other spoilers. Personally I’m hoping that Marvel is just toying with us and letting us leak the info because it’s fake. Then in the actual movie we’ll all be surprised when there are no aliens or Thanos.

      Thanos is tough, but I’d say Graviton is even stronger in the end

      1. I definitely agree with you as far as continuity goes. Different writers always tend to interpret characters their way with little regard for that character’s past. I find that far more prevalent nowadays.

        As far as Thanos and the Avengers: EMH goes, we will just have to wait and see. If he doesn’t appear on the show, the whole argument will be moot. If he does…well, we will just have to wait and see.

        As for Thanos VS Graviton, we will just have to agree to disagree. I personally don’t see Graviton being anywhere near Thanos’ weight class. But hey, that’s my opinion. You have yours, I have mine and I don’t think anything we write will change the other’s mind.

        Awesome site, btw.

      2. Glad you agree about the writes. Maybe you’re right that we won’t change our minds thorugh writing, but there is 1 big thing that will help me change my mind instantly and that’s the Avengers TV Show. If he does appear and look better than Graviton I’ll switch it immediately. Because since that’s the whole reason I pick Graviton, if Thanos looks better than he wins the fight.

        Glad you like the site

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