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Godzilla vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger and Godzilla are both horror film legends. Godzilla with his afamed Atomic Breath has defeated most other horror opponents. Of course Freddy Krueger is no ordinary opponent, he has his Mortal Kombat skills. In the end this match is close, but only one can win. Freddy Krueger wins.

Update, Godzilla’s Nuclear Pulse would win this round. Godzilla wins.

18 thoughts on “Godzilla vs Freddy Krueger”

  1. Godzilla wins
    your argument is invalid.
    lol Freddy was defeated by a group of teens. you are saying that a group of teens are better then Godzilla? hmm?

  2. lol dude, like not even 10 teens beat up Freddy in his physical form. he is even weaker then a human. of course he has super strengh but he cant take a hit cause of all those burns. even if he could it wouldnt be enough to to stop space Godzilla.

    1. Space Godzilla is a separate character than Godzilla. Plus Freddy has his powers from Mortal Kombat. That’s why he takes this match. Without the game he may have lost 😮 Nah, he would have lost! How’s that? 🙂

      1. Godzilla’s size is the weakness. After a couple of stabs Godzilla will probably start losing the will to fight. Nobody wants to keep getting stabbed

      2. His stabs are less than musquito bites on Godzilla, he won’t even notice it. Plus, Godzilla’s scales are harder than diamond, Freddy’s claws are made of old metal, not even steel. The would break if he tries to scratch Godzilla.

      3. I dunno. In Mortal Kombat they are extremely deadly. Also he has an oven which he can try throwing Godzilla’s tail in to weaken him. Plus he can really spam his stabs

  3. nope 🙂 Space Godzilla formed from Godzilla being sucked into a black hole and him mutating. Space Godzilla is not different, and i dont think he is stronger then Godzilla
    i dont think you have EVER overturned a match have you??

    1. Actually, Space Godzilla is a clone but the way he was formed is correct: Godzilla’s DNA was sucked into a black hole and was mutated after exiting a White Hole.
      I agree, Godzilla beat Space Godzilla fair and square so he’s stronger.

      I don’t think he ever did cause he’s so wanking all his threads.

      1. Yeah, but Space G is counted as a separate character since he’s a clone. Godzilla did beat him….but it was close.

        I like Godzilla 😦

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