Turles vs Gohan

Turles may have some super strength, but in the end he’s no match for Gohan. Gohan has the power of a super saiyan. In that form his power increases 10 fold. In SSJ2 it increases 50 fold! Turles couldn’t even take on base form. Gohan wins.

16 thoughts on “Turles vs Gohan

  1. turles is more then match for gohan ssj gohan only get 2 punchs in befor trules beats up easyer show how much faster stornger he is then gohan turles kills ssj gohan in there fight for your self in this video it form there fight you see goku vs coloor for 3rd time vegeta trunsk vs frieza and picoclo vs slug it all in this video but ya you will see turles kill ssj gohan so it prof gohan ssj pwoer is no mroe for turles sene turles toy with at frist to make him think he wining but then turles show how strong he turley is http://youtu.be/LYjkhqE0bwY

  2. Turles is tough, but he can’t handle an SSJ1. Gohan blew him up, but thanks to the smoke he regenerated. Also don’t forget that Gohan has SSJ2 and Mystic Form. With those Turles is doomed

  3. and gohan dos not have ssj2 mystic form as goku is alive whean ssj gohan fight turles so this wood took place befor gohan become ssj2 and gohan dos not ever become mystic when he at cell games age

    • At the time he didn’t have SSJ2, but in the blog it counts all power ups. So in this match Gohan has access to Ultimate Form and SSJ2. Though even without those he would have beaten Turles. The only reason he didn’t was thanks to the black smoke

      • i dont thin so gohan buu sgaa si weeekeer then gohan cell games gohan cell games had ot turn ssj took no turles if gohan can beat turles in abse form way wodo he need to go ssj it ell you gohan base form is to week

      • No. Gohan in Buu Saga is stronger than Cell Saga. I think you’re forgetting about Mystic Form. Also all Gohan needs is SSJ1 to defeat Turles. Turles lacks the skills that Gohan has. On a side note you may want to work on your grammar. Gohan FTW!

  4. no ama not forget mysti you said he go ssj and ssj2 if war tlaking about mystic gohan the he cant go ssj and ssj2 to go mystic old kai siad jsut go ssj and you said buu sgaa gohan is weeker cell sag gohan it ture ok onyl fusions aga gohan is stornger then cell games but he cant go sjs 1 2 he can only gho mystic odl kai siad besdie gohan lso mystic form gt i hate gohan form buu saga he nard saiyman was gau

    • You must have not seen GT. Gohan can still use the power of the Super Saiyan. Also Turles is no match for Gohan. Did you see Gohan blow him up in the OVA? That was in SSJ1. Can you work on your spellling…it’d make things easier. Anyway Turles has no chance against Gohan. Gohan is one of the ultimate warriors of legend….He Fears No being!

      • dude if turles his no chance against gohan then how did turles beat up ssj gohan the pic show turles beating up ssj gohan ssj gohan cell games is stornger then ssj gohan buu saga

      • First that’s SSJ1 Gohan, not even SSJ2 or even Mystic 🙂 Second Turles got a good shot in, but Gohan did take him down once (The smoke just brought him back) Turles may be strong, but he’s never been Gohan level 😀

      • you do know gohan lost has myistc power right of wath db sueper rnf saga gohan him sefl say he lsot that power

  5. you said ssj is 10 fold are you sure in gt gentrol said this to kid goku when he turn ssj he said your power isnriced 100 fold not 10 fold he said 100 fold

    • Yeah, the description is definitely a bit outdated. SSJ is confirmed to be a 50X boost I believe. Not sure why GT said 100, but maybe Goku had been suppressing his energy prior to transforming

  6. so with turles havbeing power up in heroes ptunig him at the elve if blue goku and steel haveing the frit wtih him should you that make him byond gohan now

    • That was a pretty good power up for sure but Gohan also got SSJ4 at one point and gave the demons a good run in Heroes so I don’t think he’ll be going down so easy

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