Beta Ray Bill vs Thor

Beta Ray Bill has always tried to be the new Thor. Of course when it comes down to it he’s just not as powerful. Thor will always be the stronger warrior. He has powers that Beta Ray Bill could never even begin to match. Thor has his battle experience to give him another edge over Beta Ray Bill.

Beta Ray Bill finally makes his debut in the blog, but it’s for a loss this time. Beta Ray Bill may be back someday, but he’ll never be able to defeat the original. Thor wins.

4 thoughts on “Beta Ray Bill vs Thor

    • Yeah, but I really never bought that. It’s one of those things I couldn’t agree with. Beta Ray Bill is not as experienced plus Thor has Berserker Madness and stuff. Beta Ray Bill’s good, but this is one fight he shouldn’t win

  1. I wouldn’t buy the ‘not as experienced’ line, Bill is a cyborg shaped to defend his people and I’m pretty sure he’s been through at close to as much as Thor in that capacity. Hell, even in the time he couldn’t lift his own hammer he still managed to bust out thorough and vigorous asskickings.

    Remember, this is a guy who tried starving Galactus by destroying whatever planets Big G targeted before he could feed. As a space alien cyborg empowered by Norse god-energies, he makes a worthy opponent to Thor…

    And really doesn’t have any need to replace him. They’re bros, that’s all they need to be.

    • I’m not sure. Beta Ray Bill isn’t nearly as old. In the comics, Thor is a god and has been fighting for millenia. I’m not sure if Beta Ray Bill’s even been fighting for 100-200 years! Of course there could be something I’m missing (like fighting in an alternate dimension for years or something) Also Thor’s taken on tougher opponents more often (Silver Surfer, Hulk, Galactus, Shazam, and the big kicker……SUPERMAN!) So Beta Ray Bill is definitely an extremely tough guy, but I don’t think he could take down Thor (Especially since I’m counting Odin Force) Yeah, really they wouldn’t fight each other, but for the sake of the battle they’re both not holding back 🙂 At least in the TV show they’ll probably team up to fight Surtur 😀

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