Sailor Mars vs Tengu Shredder

Sailor Mars has fire powers that she can use to overwhelm Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder is a tough character, but he lacks the defense to guard against Sailor Mars’s attacks. Tengu Shredder takes a loss, but he’ll be back. He’s fought many times in the past and will keep on fighting in the future. Sailor Mars wins.

Update 11/14/20 Mar’s firepower is impressive but she lacks the physical feats needed to take down Tengu Shredder. That’s going to be what holds her back here. Tengu Shredder wins.

11 thoughts on “Sailor Mars vs Tengu Shredder

  1. sailor mars can’t use her fire powers on the tengu shredder, because he will simply just use his demonic powers to hold her frozen in the air and blast her or swing her into a wall before she even has the chance to use her powers on him

    • I think the main question here will be if the fire can get through Shredder’s abilities. Her heat burns at a very high level after all so I don’t think this will be an easy bout either way. Still, I’m pretty confident that Mars would be able to pull out a victory in the end. She’s definitely a pretty tough combatant while Tengu Shredder hasn’t shown quite as much

  2. The tengu Shredder did show the full level of his dark powers, The tengu Shredder can easily beat her in hand to hand combat and he can also take anything she throws at him because he did survive the blast from a weapon that could kill an undead or demon and so easily healed himself like it was nothing, plus the tengu Shredder can cause untold destruction throw physical and mystical means, meaning he can cause destruction apon both the physical plane and the astral plane which sailor mars can only bring attack on the physical plane plus the tengu Shredder can transform into a huge dragon, so the tengus Shredder actully takes the win as he will all who dares to stand in his way.

    • he did not show his full power just a tiny fragment of it but it was enough to kill a whole army of trained foot ninjas in one attack

    • I’ll give you that Tengu would win in hand to hand easily. Mars needs to keep this as a mid range battle with her fire abilities. I believe if she focuses on that then Tengu’s going to be out of luck here. He is strong but I’m not sure if he’s got the speed needed to really hope to match her here. She would then be able to press the advantage and take him down. What would you say was his most impressive fight in the series? I could give it a re-watch to see if his speed is better than I recall

      • how about the time all the heroes attack the tengu Shredders fortress where he caches silver sentry super powered punch in just a blink of an eye with one hand and threw him away into the atmosphere with little to no efforts and teleports the acylites, master spilter and the aincent one out of his throneroom and destroys it in the process, which happen in episode 12 of season five.

      • All right, I’ll go re-watch that episode to see some of his speed and power there. I’ll get back to you on if that’s enough to overturn this fight and put Mars on the defensive.

  3. you might as well re-watch episode 13 as well, to see just how skilled he is because in the first episode of hte 5 season the ninja tribunal said that the tengu shredder is clever and strikes when finds his opponents and that he never gets tired ever, so I’m pretty sure that sailor mars would be on the defensive all from the beginning and through out the battle and get tired herself at a certain point and pretty much lose and get destroyed.

    • Okay I’ll check this one out too. It’ll definitely be nostalgic revisiting the TMNT adventures there and I do look forward to seeing the Tengu Shredder again. He was definitely not an opponent to be trifled with and this seems like it’ll be the best way to really see his abilities

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