Jason Voorhees vs One Above All


The One Above All is a being of such stature that some believe him to be one of the strongest beings in all of media! Well I’m here to tell you that a guy with a Hockey Mask can beat him! With one good shot Jason Voorhees could maybe take down the One Above All. The One Above All lacks endurance. Jason Voorhees wins.

103 thoughts on “Jason Voorhees vs One Above All

  1. Well, well, well. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was the tremi troll. Maybe possibly the semi-troll. Nobody takes trolls seriously. Especially in debates like these.

    TOAA stomps Jason… good and real hard…

  2. @Dreager1 You see what John Cena posted? That right there is from the official Marvel Handbook. LT is below TOAA.

    Jason would be cremated in his own blood after this fight.

  3. Feats are not what only matters, but so does powerscaling. TOAA is hyperverse level+ if you wanna go by a damn wiki. When has Jason been above street level?

    Show me a scan if Jason being above street level. He could barely handle Freddy. Is Jason above LT? Nope.

    • Show me a scan of TOAA being hyperverse level or even being street level. Power scaling only works when you actually have something to scale…it can’t just be hype…

      • You wanna go by a wiki right? Because you believed Bass can destroy a universe, and ironically, that’s what VS Battlea wiki places him at.

        His universe restoring feat is pretty impressive.

        So you would constantly ignore the official handbook and go your way?

      • Wait, let’s get that misconception out of the way. Vs Battles placed him at Universal level after I had him there. I don’t typically bother with other sites for characters that I have witnessed first hand. I use them for characters that I’m not familiar with or in case I am missing something. Bass is a character that I am definitely an expert on. As for TOAA, I don’t buy the reasoning behind their explanations. Simply put, TOAA has never done anything even slightly note worthy over the years, so why should he get the amount of hype and recognition that he currently has? Restoring something, even something as massive as a universe is useless in a combat scenario.

      • Pretty much isn’t the same as actually doing so though. Furthermore, these sites are all operating under a ton of assumptions. If TOAA is really Tier 0 and can do all of that…show me a scan of him punching or blasting somebody.

  4. You were blocked on VS Battles wiki temporarily for a short time IIRC. For being a massive Bass wanker. TOAA is LT’s master.

    Let’s see Bass run a durability gauntlet.

    1: A bullet
    2: A bomb
    3. A grenade
    4: A car explosion
    5: A tree collapsing
    6: A train hitting him
    7: A plane crashing into him
    8: 10 helicopters exploding
    9: A city sized explosion
    10: A country leveling attack
    11: A planet shattering attack
    12: A galaxy busting attack
    13: A supernova
    14: A Big Bang
    15: Infinity Big Bang storm
    16: A multiverse destroying attack
    17: A megaverse busting attack
    18: Omniverse: An attack capable of destroying all dimensions and universes.

    Tell me where Bass stops.

  5. Hmm, I have my list for the durability gauntlet. Inconclusive ranks included.

    1:Anything below a regular or average human.
    2: Captain America
    3: Xenomorph
    4:CW Flash
    5:Possibly a Predator
    6: AEMH Hulk
    7:The Red Skull
    8: Maybe the Winter Soldier at composite.
    9: Showa Godzilla
    10: Asura
    11: Augus
    12: Chakravartin
    13: Anti-Spirals
    14: TTGL
    15:The Chaos King
    16: Demonbane
    17: Lord of Nightmares
    18: Now this one could get really debatable/ or even inconclusive. I’d place Man of Miracles here, Tenchi maybe, and possibly the Primal Monitor. TOAA and the Presence are pretty much inconclusive, but they have a 90% chance of qualifying. Azathoth could probably qualify, as the concept of destruction is only part of it’s unfathomable mind. It would be boundlessly above damage. Maybe the Amalgam Brothers, since they encompassed megaverses, and Living Tribunal held a megaverse in his hand. So if we want to go the unseemly way of explaining this, Man of Miracles, Tenchi, and Azathoth qualify, but TOAA and Presence are featless, but going by claims of Living Tribunal and Thanos, TOAA would qualify. The Presence was killed by an unkown metal invading his body, which I consider P.I.S. But then again this is my opinion. The Presence would probably still qualify.

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