Officer Jenny vs Ash

Officer Jenny is a pretty good cop, but she can’t take down Ash. Ash has a lot of pokemon at his disposal and knows how to win. If it’s one thing that Ash is….it’s a winner! Ash knows the ropes and has been pwning for years. He’s one of those Pokemon Trainers who may become a Pokemon Master! Ash wins.

4 thoughts on “Officer Jenny vs Ash

  1. Or maybe he could fight N. That’s a fight I’m pretty sure N would win; after all, he has a whole team of Pokémon and (thanks to the rules of this site. Or does having different abilities/Pokémon in different versions of the same story count?) both Reshiram and Zekrom. Two immensely powerful Legendary Pokémon AND since he swaps his Pokémon team every fight he would have as many Pokémon as even Ash! Of course, N usually releases his Pokémon after a battle (except Reshiram/Zekrom), but still, I take it Ash is allowed all the Pokémon he released (Butterfree, Pidgeot and the rest)
    It wpuld make for a very interesting fight, but I think N has the advantage.

    • Yeah, all of the pokemon N got through the different versions count, not to mention the pokemon from the manga as well. They both also keep the pokemon they realsed. N does have a lot of powerful pokemon and even some legendaries, and may very well have more pokemon than Ash. It would seem that N does have the advantage all right. So this could be a dangerous fight for Ash if you request it.

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