Voldemort vs Davy Jones

A double debut for these two fighters! Davy Jones is much better than Voldemort at hand to hand, but Voldemort has the beam advantage. That is a pretty big advantage, having magic can make or break a battle. In this case, it means that Davy Jones is pretty much doomed against Voldemort. Voldemort wins.


8 thoughts on “Voldemort vs Davy Jones

  1. Of course, neither of them could kill each other in a straight-out fight because of Voldemort’s Horcruxes and Davy Jone’s heart. But since Jones only has one such item that can be destroyed with a normal knife and Voldemort has seven, each of which can only be destroyed with certain magical artifacts and spells, Voldemort still wins

    • Well Davy Jones can’t die without his heart, but if his body is completely destroyed/melted then he may die anyway. Voldemort has a lot of magic hax at his disposal. Still, you’re right that the 7-1 odds help Voldemort even more

    • Even if Voldemort kills Davy Jones, he’s still done for because he who kills Jones has to be captain of the flying dutchman forever. For Voldemort, it would mean having to put an end to his days wizardry and forever live as a sea faring ghost. Davy Jones wins.

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