Gemini Saga vs Broly

Well Gemini Saga is back to fight another DBZ villain. Things won’t go any better in this round. Broly was already super powerful in his LSSJ form, but now he has LSSJ3 form! With that kind of power he could destroy whole Solar Systems with a single blast! He rises up the ranks with this win. Broly wins.

44 thoughts on “Gemini Saga vs Broly

  1. Where does this Broly ssj3 exist??? Ive nvr seen him at this level in the dbz world. Broly has only ever been able to destroy a planet at a time. Saga holds the power to destroy the galaxy. He was even able to defeat a god in the manga saint seiya G.

      • I dont underestimate him. He beat the crap outta the dbz crew single handedly still he was beaten by Goku with just one punch. A crappy ending if u ask me. He lacks the mental stability to take on Saga, he’s just too blinded by rage to control his impulsive nature.

  2. Broly is able to destroy massive glalaxies very easily, just as Gemini can. Both their speeds are extremely close. the only fault that Broly has is he doesn’t have the ability to control space and time, or any points of singularity as Gemini Saga can. Broly cant withstand the gravitational pulls of the entire universe. nor can he teleport. Honestly i guess Broly could have more raw power then Gemini (but i doubt it) but Gemini should take this one for his abilties and massive skill with hand to hand combat.

  3. apperently Broly isnt invincible. he was destroyed by half the power of goku, and half the power of vegeta. and this was before SSJ2 aaura.
    lol i made so many valid points and you come out and say he’s invincible lol.

  4. he was supposively the chosen one, but due to a disturbed environment and a horrible experience, and an uncontrolable personality, he is forced to want power and show everyone that he is the strongest. thats why he is Legendary.
    goku was barely standing, and Vegeta wasnt standing at all, he could barely open his eyes. thats all it took. supprisingly it was stronger then SSJ1, where Goku ssj1 couldnt beat him.
    Broly was (almost) completely controled by a mere device. im sure that a simple ability to control the enemies body should be able to destroy Broly.

  5. sure, hes strong and quick, but he simply lacks the abilities and the agility that Saga possesses, which are Leagues ahead of anything Broly can imagine. sure you have all that power, but for it to hit your target is another question. any energy blast focused at Gemini goes right through his armor, no matter how powerful. the only way to damage him would be to physically punch him in the face. even then Gemini would open up a dimension for his hand to travel through. Broly would have to:
    Remove his ability to heal
    outspeed Gemini
    control dimensions
    remove his ability to “puppet” his enemies
    remove his ability to remove the enemies thoughts.
    remove his ability to stop his enemies heart.
    even then we’re talking about a multiple dimension & galaxy buster!

    • The radiation may still roast him alive. Broly could break through the dimension and keep punching him. Gemini’s tough, but I don’t think he can take this round.

  6. dimensions dont work like that, it doesnt bust thru the nearest dimension, it busts thru the most-alike dimension. and that could be millions of dimensions altogether! e hasnt punched thru one. Gemini isnt effected by radiation, he wouldnt be that powerful. and yes, Gemini is tough

  7. he hasn’t all day.
    Gemini Saga can react instantaniously. if Broly swung at Gemini, he would simply dodge it.
    btw i remember one of the best bloggers saying “he was born with so much power and because of that he is sloppy”
    Broly may have almost HALF of Gemini Saga’s powers, but he has no idea how to control it and he just starts destroying things. Broly, too, is a victim to the Gravity of the Entire Universe.
    since he is made of matter and does not have a spirit form, he will be crushed into oblivan. even after Broly, Vegeta wasnt able to stand up to 400x Earths gravity (imn talking about when he was traning in a gravity chamber)
    Vegeta was stronger then Broly, and even then he was a weakling against Gravity. i would say, maybe 10,000x earths Gravity (G’s) should be enough. whats funny, is that’s half a galaxy, the force of Gravity from a point of singularity would be over 9000!!! lol it would probably be
    10,000×2 (one galaxy)
    10,000 x 1,000,000 (less than 1/1000 of the universe)
    10,000,000,000,000 G’s should ultimately crush Broly. unless he can defy physics and destroy any laws of physics, Broly is Gone.
    by the way you Are one of the best bloggers I know. all you need to do is read Saint Seiya and you will officially be the best and realize Gemini Saga’s true power.

    • Broly is pretty sloppy with his powers, but was still good enough to take on Goku.

      Well, it is a tough match and I hope to read Saint Seiya soon. That would be awesome! 😀 Thanks btw

  8. no prob.
    its like the SSJ4 golden ape. its stronger then the SSJ4 humanoid form in power, but the humanoid is so much better.
    and he was able to fight with a weak goku. if he were to go up against Goku now he wouldnt stand a chance, like Frieza and Gohan. ending it in one punch or less.

  9. Link vs Darth Vader
    Link vs Samantha (from COD: Black Ops)
    Hunter (from Half life 2: episode 2) vs Hunter (halo)
    Hunter vs Tank (Left 4 dead)
    Exodia (yu gi oh) vs Ash

  10. lol the school im at doesnt let me see that, its from neoseeker.
    but its a blue, armored creature that travels in pairs, male and female. and they have a giant laser on their arm and a huge sword/shield on their other arm, and they weigh alot more then a truck. in fact, during gameplay, they have been seen busting doors open easily and completely flipping trucks with one hit.
    btw Tank vs Halo hunter.
    btw i havent seen any samantha matches yet. js that i noticed that. i cant wait to see her on this blog.

  11. yep. btw the zombies she has increase their toughness quite dramatically.
    a bowie knife can kill a zombie from level 1-9 with one hit. but as the rounds go on, it would take 7 strikes from a bowie knife/sickle to take a round 30 zombie down.
    so by round 100,000 (the highest round ever achieved even by hacking)
    it would take approximately over 980 billion points of damage for a single zombie (a bowie knife/Sickle doing 100 damage)
    so to kill one zombie in her army, it would take over 10,000 rockets, 1,000,000+ bullets (upgraded) and 600 shots from the famous death machine.
    and my guess that at round 100,000 there would be more than 45 million zombies. which shouldn’t matter since she has infinite.
    oh and some special zombies should also count.
    Inferno zombie: slow, but if you get close you will get fried. massive defense
    Screamer: fast and deadly, but defense wasn’t its best ability. it can paralyze players with a scream.
    Pentagon thief: known for speed, agility, and cunningness, he is able to take your weapon away (if its not attached to your body)
    crawlers: leave a nasty Nova 6 gas when killed that acts as a toxic smokescreen.
    hell hounds: dogs from hell. vicious, they can attack many times in a row, they travel in groups, and they are fast.

    • Yeah, he’s an extremely powerful being and I think he could beat all of DC and Marvel combined, but I don’t think he can take down Cell. Still, this guy is ultimately powerful!

      Yeah, she may be able to take him out! 🙂

  12. Arc 1, Friexa.
    Arc 2, Piccolo got stronger
    Arc 3, Piccolo was as strong as an SSj2 (average guess)
    how about this? Piccolo vs Frieza? this could be very interesting.

  13. it’s been a very long time since frieza, and im sure Piccolo stands a pretty good chance, including the event when he blasted (the combination of 2 androids that ended up turning blue/he was like a cowboy/)’s energy sphere and completely changed it’s course.

  14. lol i like the basic conversation on that event.
    *goku and cell fight*
    goku: i pick gohan. trust me i was giving it my all.
    gohan: you mean you were actually trying? it didnt seem like that(since i am so much more powerful then you are right now).
    Vegeta: :O

  15. lol that was just a little pun. while they were talking, Goku had a higher power level.
    i would say, Piccolo could be close to 1/25th of an SSJ4. which leaves his power level way above 4 billion.

  16. i agree. then again he did train in Hell for many years with Cell.
    on the other hand, he was still defeated by trunks with a single blow.

  17. in a scale of 1-100, what would you think you would rate the saint seiya series, 1 being the lowest, and 100 being the greatest.

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