Rubberband Man vs Flatman

These two are pretty similar powerwise, but I’m going with Flatman on this one. He has his unique form of kung fu and has even taken on guys like Deadpool! Now that’s pretty impressive eh!? Rubberband Man drops down the ranks with this loss, but at least he tried! Flatman wins.

4 thoughts on “Rubberband Man vs Flatman

  1. I’d love to see Dormammu get a few fights on the blog, after all he’s like a Universe-buster and one of my favourite Marvel villians. Of course I’ll wait til after you’ve finished my other requests before adding any additional requests

    • Well, currently he’s fought 5 times and has a pretty impressive. At 4-1 he’s easily ahead of over 1000 other characters. Probably more, yeah he’s definitely a cool character. My favorite design for him was from MVC3. He just looks so intense! Heads up, the next edition of Records will begin this month and possibly come out late this month or sometime next month

      • Awesome! I’m guessing Dormammu’s one loss was against Bass. Can’t wait for the new records though. Could you do me a favour and get the Thing vs Pohatu fight done before then?

      • I think it was Hibari, but I’m not sure. He took down Surtur, Iceman, and another fire/mystical being I believe. Sure, Thing vs Pohatu will be up before Records =)

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