Tournament Smashers Episode 5 Mario vs Luigi

Due to high ratings I decided to do the 5th chapter ahead of time!

It was a typical day at the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach hadn’t been kidnapped yet so she had went on a stroll. She hadn’t been seen for roughly an hour so Mario and Luigi figured that maybe Bowser had kidnapped her. Luigi decided that they should go save her, but Mario blocked his path. “It’s a trap!” Mario yelled as he spun his cap and threw it in the air.

“WAHOOOO,” Mario yelled as he jumped and caught his cap. He used a flip to land. “Ever the showoff eh Mario,” Luigi replied. He was hardly in the mood for Mario’s games. “We’ve went through many traps in the past,” Luigi said as he tried to go past Mario.

“True…but only one of us should risk it. If he’s not heard from in 2 weeks then the other will call for backup from the Super Smash squad,” Mario decided while spinning. “Fine, but I’ll go,” Luigi declared as he jumped over Mario. “Not so fast,” Mario said as he grabbed Luigi by the leg and threw him back.

“What is it,” Luigi inquired as he reached for his hammer. “We’ll fight to decide who goes. It’ll count on our Tournament Smashers record anyway,” Mario said as he threw his cap in the air. “Fine,” Luigi said as he threw a fireball which blasted Mario’s cap away. Of course it didn’t melt the cap because the cap is made of sterner stuff!

Using big strides Mario ran towards the cap, but Luigi jumped in front of him. He swung his hammer at Mario, but Mario kicked the hammer out of his hand and charged up a fireball. “MARIO!” Luigi yelled as Mario blasted him through a mountain. Mario snatched the cap and put it on. Unable to contain his excitement, he jumped in the air. “WAHOOO!” He yelled as he spun around. Mario noticed a storm brewing.

Lightning was coming form the mountain that he blasted Luigi into. “MAMA MIA!” Mario yelled as a blast of lightning hit him. “WAHAHAHAHOOOO!” Mario exclaimed as he hit the ground. Luigi jumped from the mountain and tried to use an elbow strike on Mario. Mario dodged and grabbed a mushroom. Luigi lunged for it, but Mario sidestepped him.

With a smirk Mario ate the mushroom. Mario feigned surprise as he started growing bigger. “Musta been the pasta!” He yelled as he grew taller than a skyscraper. “MARIO!” Luigi yelled as he jumped towards him. “Bye Bye,” Mario said as he punched Luigi into the ground. Knowing that the fight was over, Mario headed towards Bowser’s castle.

Meanwhile Luigi woke up. He looked glumly at his watch. He was now 0-1, but at least he was ahead of Superman! With that happy thought he got up and headed back to the castle. Little did he know that Mario would be in greater danger than anyone could have ever realized!

The End

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