Tournament Smashers Episode 15 Naruto vs Gaara

Episode 15 has now made it!!

Naruto jumped up to a high mountain. He was near the Final Valley. He smirked as he remembered how easily he blew up Pain. He felt like taking more villains out, but hadn’t found any yet. Then he heard the sound of sand stirring behind him. “Gaara, what are you doing here?” Naruto asked as he turned around.

“I’ll get straight to the point Naruto,” Gaara stated as the sand slowly formed into his body. “You’ve been deemed a threat by the Kages and must be taken into custody,” Gaara’s sand floated menacingly in the air. “This doesn’t have to turn into a fight Naruto,” Gaara commanded as he raised his hand in the air.

“It’s too late for that Gaara! If you guys want to take me in…then you’ll have to defeat me!” Naruto yelled as he took out a kunai. “Very well..but remember. You asked for this Naruto!” Gaara yelled as his sand hurled itself towards Naruto.

Naruto jumped out of the way and fired his kunai. A wall of sand appeared in front of Gaara and blocked. At the same time, A sand clone appeared behind Naruto and grabbed him. Naruto exploded in a puff of smoke. “A SUBSTITUTION!” Gaara yelled as the ground fractured.

Naruto shot out of the ground and punched Gaara in the jaw. The sand quickly regrouped and caught Gaara in midair while shooting towards Naruto. Naruto started forming a Rasengan which blew the sand away. “Gaara, I’m gonna defeat you, Believe It!” Naruto yelled as he charged towards Gaara.

Gaara shot some sand at Naruto, but he casually sidestepped it. “RASENGAN!” Naruto yelled as he scored a direct hit. While the Rasengan was hitting Naruto, he felt himself get jerked to the ground from behind. A hand made out of sand had appeared from the ground.

“Snap!” Naruto yelled as the sand covered him and restrained him. “You fought well Uzumaki, but in the end you couldn’t hope to defeat a Kage!” Gaara stated as he got up. Most of his sand armor had broken, but it had done it’s job. Gaara was still uninjured even after taking a Rasengan to the chest.

“Sand Coffin!” Gaara yelled as the sand shaped itself into a coffin. “Gaara, if you want to take me down…then you’re gonna have to do better than that!” Naruto yelled as a clone appeared behind Gaara. “Let him go or I break you,” The Clone stated as it pointed it’s kunai at Gaara.

“Fool!” Gaara yelled as he backkicked the clone. The clone managed to get up. “Enough of this!” Gaara said as he summoned more sand to strike at the clone. The sand wouldn’t budge. “Impossible!” Gaara yelled as he tried to move it once more.

“You’ll never get it to move Gaara,” Naruto yelled as his eyes changed color. He broke free from the Sand Coffin and landed in front of Gaara. The sand that Gaara had been trying to move turned into more Naruto clones. “NOOOOOOO!” Gaara yelled as the clones jumped on him.

Gaara managed to shake them off, but then the real Naruto appeared in front of Gaara. “Take a nap!” Naruto yelled as he punched Gaara in the face. Gaara banged the giant First Hokage statue and then fell into the water hundreds of feet below.

“Gaara, I’m afraid that I need to teach the village a lesson,” Naruto said as he formed a gigantic Rasengan. “Here comes…The Big One!” Naruto yelled as he jumped from the mountain and started falling headfirst towards Gaara!

“We’re pulling you out,” a voice yelled through Gaara’s communicator. He vanished just as Naruto hit the ground with the Rasengan. The explosion could be seen everywhere around the world! “They may have gotten away..but now they know my power, Believe It!” Naruto said as he straightened his headband. He had won another fight and he was proud of it!

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