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Yuki Nagato vs Naruto

Yuki Nagato is now the latest character to enter the blog! She has a lot of abilities including healing, super speed, super strength, and many more. Naruto also has these abilities plus his array of jutsu. I’d say that Naruto takes this round, his Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu will help a lot. Naruto wins.

2 thoughts on “Yuki Nagato vs Naruto”

  1. sorry, but are you completely retarded? Nagato would split Naruto in half before he could say “Sasuke”, or she can just change reality so Naruto won’t exist

    1. Naruto wouldn’t need to say such a long word. All he needs to do is form the Rasengan and yell “HAAA!” Reality warping is a flawed power and it wouldn’t be able to decide this battle. Naruto has superior speed and power, he could defeat her before she had time to think of a counter

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