Where are the cannons? Overall 2

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6 thoughts on “Skyfall

  1. I personally loved this film, and I can’t see how it could get a two out of ten, but that’s your opinion. This officially makes the first negative opinion I have seen of this film in general

    • Yeah, I really don’t like the franchise. I do think it was one of the better films in the franchise though. It definitely had a lot of action. It would have gotten more like a 4-6 if James Bond himself were not there though 🙂

      • Well, 90% of what I don’t like in the film involves Bond. The whole reason that I don’t like the franchise is pretty much because of Bond. If he wasn’t in the film, I think I would have liked it a whole lot more

      • Yeah, the tennis player was to humiliate him, but don’t underestimate him. His skills enable him to beat Bond with incredible ease. He has super speed and strength. Incredible reactions. He can make fire tornados and has “Perfect Mode” which is like Super Saiyan mode. I even picked him to beat Thor a while back.

        As for why I don’t like Bond. 2 Big Reasons (But probably a lot of smaller ones if I really thought about it)

        1. Using every girl he meets. Yeah…in just about every film he goes with every girl he meets. I can’t stand those types of characters.

        2. He’s kind of weak. the opening scene. He’s battling a random villain…and he’s getting completely owned. Even if the girl hadn’t shot him, he didn’t look like he was gonna win that round. He also gets captured like 3 times a film and everyone keeps beating him. I actually might like him less than Captain Kirk if it’s possible, but both of those are down there among my least favorite characters in all of media

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