Onua vs Nuparu

Another double debut match! Onua and Nuparu are both tough fighters, but only one of them can win! Onua has his fused form which will help him take this win. Nuparu is tough, but I’m afraid that he just doesn’t have what it takes to win. Onua will be back soon! Onua wins.

4 thoughts on “Onua vs Nuparu

  1. Another win for the Toa Nuva! I would say perhaps the only exception to “Toa Nuva beat Toa Mahri” would be Kopaka vs Matoro – Matoro wore the Mask of Life briefly before he died

    • Yeah, otherwise the Toa Nuva have been pwning for these matches. Glad to see that one of the Toa Mahri can fight back. Though once again, if not for composite Nuparu looks a lot tougher than Onua. Of course looks can be deceiving

      • Well, the Toa Nuva all have enhanced power over their elements, but the Mahri all had the additional element of Lightning due to their unique origin in their original Inika forms. Mask-wise, Onua’s improved Nuva mask of Strength could give him the edge in a fight, although Nuparu has had the masks of flight and stealth in his two forms. Then again, Onua can fly anyway thanks to the adaptive armour.

        Armament-wise, it’s never been investigated in-series which is more powerful, a Cordak Blaster or Zamor Sphere Launcher or a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. Onua probably has the edge in melée weapons with his quake-breakers. All-in-all, it would be a good fight, but Onua would most likely win this fight

      • Yeah, Nuparu definitely puts up a good fight, but Onua also has his trump card if he needs it. (Fusion form) I don’t think that Nuparu has any..in fact, I’m not sure if just about any of the Mahri have fused forms. Possibly if Bionicle gets a new comic series or something. It needs a form of revival, because the franchise seems to have stopped

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