Onua vs Bass

Bass has his darkness overload which can take down many guys. Onua is a tough guy, but he won’t be able to take on someone like Bass! Bass is massively faster than light and he will continue to take down everyone who dares to get in his way! Bass will be back as per usual. Bass wins.

8 thoughts on “Onua vs Bass

      • What I meant was, if you travel close to the speed of light, time stars to noticably slow down, and if you are to travel at the speed of light, time fully stops. This means travelling faster than light takes you back in time, which you disallowed. If you don’t go back in time, you aren’t travelling faster than light

      • Ah, that depends on the series. Like how in DC, going FTL lets you access the future or the past. In DBZ, when going at FTL speeds, you just end up fighting at an incredibly high rate of speed. So, for the characters who go faster than light, they will be fighting that fast, but they still won’t be time travelling.

        When you’re going super fast, time does seem a lot slower for you, but that’s because everything else is incredibly slow compared to your current speed. It’s why everyone’s always so shocked when someone lands a hit on the Flash (Plot Hax abound)

      • No, there is actually a physical effect that does that, called Time Dilation (I learned about it fairly recently in my Astrophysics course, the laws of physics wouldn’t work without them). How could we know if the characters in Dragon Ball are actually travelling at light-speed or not? If they didn’t go back in time, they were probably only going near lightspeed and the universe slowed down around them because of it

      • Yes, in theory that’s how it should work, but fiction usually throws those things out the window. Goku has been FTL for a long time now. I’d say since around his fight with Frieza is the safe bet, but likely way before then. As for how to prove it, that’s trickier. There are many who claim to this day that Goku isn’t light speed. Still, characters at FTL speeds just fight really fast. They never really time travel. Usually only in DC they start timetravelling when moving that fast

      • I guess… I was assuming the fighting area was assumed to be in our universe for fairness sake.

        Also, have you read the latest IoT chapters yet?

      • Well, the fight is kinda in our universe, but some real life world facts don’t apply in these fights.

        I’ll go check them out

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