One Above All vs Eternity

The One Above All is back, but he’s not back for a win! Eternity is far too powerful and with one good laser blast he will win this round. The One Above All just lacked the firepower needed to show this guy who’s in charge. The One Above All drops down the blog ranks. Eternity wins.


9 thoughts on “One Above All vs Eternity

  1. Yeeeeeup. TOAA created Eternity so by logic Eternity should beat him. Yep (Sarcasm). NOOO
    TOAA erases Eternity from existence.

    • It’s still a little sad that you had to point out the sarcasm 😉 No worries, I’m getting better at that. Still, creating something doesn’t mean that it can’t be surpassed. Remember when we all used to raise our kids? Eventually, the kids surpass the parent, that’s just how life works. The kid becomes the adult and the adult becomes the Senior. A hardcore senior, but still a senior.

      • True, but what he creates, he may not be able to destroy. I can create a robot given enough prep time, but I probably couldn’t defeat it.

      • Thats the key word ‘Given enough prep time’. TOAA makes Eternity in half a second hence why he can erase eternity in the same time as well.

      • Time is still relative. What he creates..he may not be able to destroy. There are no guarantees in a fight after all! ğŸ˜Ž

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