Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Episode 36 King Dedede vs King Caesar

The latest battle is here!

King Caesar grabbed a giant building and hurled it into the sky. It shattered a satellite and brought it crashing down into America. The Americans had been trying to invade his country for too long and now he would fight back. King Caesar charged up a giant energy blast and fired it at the army. “Uh oh!” they yelled as the blast left a giant crater in the land.

The humans knew that they were no match and fled for the hills. King Caesar roared and kept on blasting mountains and cities for a while before going back to his land. He had taught the humans a lesson that they wouldn’t forget. If they tried to attack him again…he’d end the USA!

Meanwhile King Dedede was in his gym working out. He punched his punching bag out the window and into a farm. He heard the sound of the bag being caught in one hand and looked out the window. The Super Smash Bros were outside. “King Dedede, to prove your loyalty to us once and for all…we need you to take down King Caesar,” Ike said as he pointed his sword at King Dedede.

“No thanks,” King Dedede said as he went back inside and grabbed a sandwich. “He’s coming for you anyway, so be ready!” Ike yelled as the Super Smash Bros gang dashed off. “I wonder what he meant by that anyway,” King Dedede wondered as he grabbed his hammer just in case.

King Caesar was sleeping in his base when he heard the sound of missiles and rockets being shot. He woke up and shot a giant energy blast that blew them all up. The missiles had the insignia of Dream Land. King Caesar knew that Kirby or Meta Knight wouldn’t do this. Kirby wasn’t mean enough and Meta Knight was more direct. It had to be King Dedede!

King Caesar roared and set off for Dream Land. He was going to obliterate the land to show that nobody could dare to attack him! He jumped high up into the sky and closed the gap in seconds. One more jump would have him smack in the middle of the land.

King Dedede walked out of his house just in time to see King Caesar land right in front of him. King Caesar shot a giant energy blast, but King Dedede used his hammer to propel himself out of the way. King Caesar turned around, but King Dedede smashed him with his hammer.

King Caesar hit the ground. “Phew,” King Dedede thought as he turned to leave. He’d get those Super Smash clowns for this! Suddenly he felt a powerful aura and noticed that King Caesar had gotten up. Before King Dedede could react, King Caesar had grabbed him.

King Caesar threw King Dedede into a mountain. King Dedede knew that he couldn’t afford to take many more hits like that. He jumped towards King Caesar and unleashed an intense hammer strike. King Caesar blocked the hit and shot another energy blast. King Dedede ducked under it and smashed King Caesar with his hammer.

King Caesar quickly jumped out of range and shot another energy blast. King Dedede blocked with his hammer, but the energy started to slowly overwhelm him. He quickly rolled to the side and dashed towards King Caesar. King Caesar tried to step on him, but King Dedede jumped out of the way and floated up to King Caesar’s head. He unleashed another smash which knocked King Caesar to the ground.

“This is the end,” King Dedede yelled as his hammer started charging up like a cannon. “MAXIMUM POWER!” King Dedede yelled as he smashed King Caesar with all of his power. “Nothing could get up after that,” King Dedede said as he huffed and puffed from all of the effort.

King Caesar staggered up to his feet. He seemed to be constantly getting energy from somewhere. King Dedede quickly used his phone to call the pirate known as Luffy. “Luffy what’s King Caesar’s secret!” King Dedede yelled. “I don’t know!” Luffy yelled as he laughed.

King Dedede hurled the phone in the air which caused a shade to go over King Caesar for a second. “It’s the sunlight!” King Dedede yelled as he ran towards King Caesar. “Foolishness!” King Caesar yelled as he grabbed King Dedede. King Dedede smashed him in the face which caused him to let go of King Dedede.

King Dedede grabbed his hammer and blasted King Caesar. Then he jumped above him and prepared to swing. With the sun blocked from part of King Caesar’s body he couldn’t absorb enough sunlight and the final smash defeated him. “I need a sandwich,” King Dedede said as he went home. King Caesar had been a tough opponent, but King Dedede was now off to a 1-0 start.

King Caesar woke up later and headed back to his homebase. He had lost the battle, but he knew that he had shown them the folly of challenging him. Next time he would- suddenly he noticed that someone was sitting in his throne. “This base and throne are no longer yours King Caesar,” a voice said as the being got up. He looked like Ultraman, but his head looked more like an ice cream cone. King Caesar roared and charged at him.

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