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Angemon vs Mewtwo

One of the strongest digimon takes on quite possibly the strongest pokemon in existence! Mewtwo’s definitely got the speed advantage in this round, but Angemon’s no slowpoke in the speed department. In Seraphimon form he’s got his Excalibur and his Strike of the Seven Stars attack. With thunder hitting him from all sides, Mewtwo will definitely need to keep his wits about him. Seraphimon’s Excalbiur is definitely the gamebreaker as he can use it to penetrate Mewtwo’s psychic shield. Mewtwo has lost this round. Angemon wins.

Update- Mewtwo’s Mega Form has tipped the scales. Mewtwo wins.

The image above was created by H-Box and a link to the original source is located below.

DVP: Contacting A Seraph

6 thoughts on “Angemon vs Mewtwo”

    1. This match brings back memories! I have updated it with the original link as per the blog’s current rules regarding art from Deviant Art. It makes giving credit a lot easier.

      As for the match, this site goes by composite rules, which is why it’s okay to use a pic of Seraphimon instead of Angemon. Angemon has access to all evolutions, but I’d say that Mewtwo’s Mega Form levels the playing field. I don’t see just about any Digimon taking him out.

  1. This is how the fight would go:
    Angemon forms would win.
    However, mewtwo could beat 3 of his forms.
    First, Seraphim and Preist form.
    Cmon, this guys first form could only destroy a small city. only. His Seraphim form tho….. might actually beat normal mewtwo along with his preist form. Mega mewtwo? Hell no for seraphim. Bt preist mode maybe.
    The other 3 can obliterate universes and can survive attacks from NEO..
    How strong is neo?
    His slap is strong enough to wipe out 10,000,000 multiverses…….

    1. Angemon is pretty powerful, but so is Mewtwo. Also, once again Mewtwo is a lot faster than any of Angemon’s forms. The guy will have a very hard time even landing a hit against this extremely powerful Pokemon. Mewtwo ends up controlling the battles that he’s in and this is why. His specs are just out of this world and it’s hard to keep up with him.

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