Tournament Smashers

Tournament Smashers Episode 38 Ghost Rider vs Allen

The next battle is here!

Ghost Rider was riding his motorcycle across town. Occasionally he’s glare at someone and they would fall to the ground. Everyone was always scared of him, but Ghost Rider had no time for games. If they wanted to be scared of be it! He was heading back home to warn everyone that he knew about the upcoming World War 3.

Suddenly a shockwave hit him and sliced his bike in half. Ghost Rider landed on the ground hard and looked up to see an exorcist. Their had been a bounty placed on him for well over 100 dollars. Now everyone in their right mind was gunning after him, but this guy looked especially powerful.

Allen looked at Ghost Rider with a look of pity. Ghost Rider wasn’t as scary as he had imagined..only the faint of heart would be scared. Allen figured that he should take Ghost Rider down fast so that he could get back home and eat his supper before it went cold.

Allen shot another shockwave from his sword, which blasted Ghost Rider through a building. “Impossible!” Ghost Rider yelled as he quickly used his chain to grab hold of the building. “That was a close shave,” Ghost Rider said as he hauled himself back up.

Allen appeared in front of him, but Ghost Rider quickly threw a punch. It went through Allen, as the boy disappeared and reappeared behind Ghost Rider. Allen slashed Ghost Rider to the ground. Ghost Rider quickly grabbed his chain, but the sword sliced through it, as Allen slashed him into the ground again.

“This guy’s tough stuff!” Ghost Rider said as he shot a blast of fire. Allen revolved his sword like a fan and blocked the blast while sending a burst of wind at Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider managed to not get knocked over, but Allen punched him in the stomach.

Ghost Rider tried to counterblast, but Allen kicked him off the ground and then slammed him back into the ground. Ghost Rider realized that he was no match for this level of power. If he didn’t do something fast…Allen would definitely be taking the win here.

Ghost Rider decided that it was time to use his tactical retreat plan and quickly ran for a bike. Allen grabbed him from behind and slammed him into the ground. Ghost Rider tried kicking at Allen, but Allen was too fast and he dodged all of the hits.

Allen was growing bored of this battle and he decided to end it. He knocked Ghost Rider out and left for home. He hadn’t been interested in the money. He had just wanted to add a win to his Tournament Smashers record. Now his record was a solid 1-0 and he was on his way to fame and glory.

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