Protoman vs Broly

This is one of those Power vs Speed matches! Well, Broly has extremely high levels of power and and his speed is pretty good as well, but he’s completely outranked in that department. Protoman’s also got some good barriers at his disposal as well as some great sword skills. It would be a pretty tough fight if Broly lands a good blow, but I think Protoman can win this round. Protoman wins.

Update, I don’t think Protoman would be able to keep up with Broly now. The Saiyan has ascended. Broly wins.


10 thoughts on “Protoman vs Broly

  1. Your rankings are just so twisted and inaccurate. Broly would stomp on Protoman and Bass. Bass could barely manage a planet busting feat with canon feats. Saying he can beat something like a planet sized Cyber Beast is nothing. It wasn’t even his power alone. And Broly in the movie canon was a galaxy buster at best. Galaxy far outclasses any planet sized enemy.

    and if you want to argue saying it happened over time then I can easily counter that with 99% plausible information.

    The galaxy moving fast didn’t mean that much time passed. It was just for effect. Or they didn’t know that a fast moving galaxy can be interpreted as having time passing when drawing out the animation. But nonetheless it still didn’t mean it for the movie. If it took that long to destroy the galaxy then King Kai (Who hardly knew jack about Super Saiyans) would have asked Goku to take care of it the moment he realized Goku was a Super Saiyan after beating Frieza. Broly would have been a much bigger threat in King Kai’s opinion than androids he didn’t even know about. Therefore Broly outright blew away the majority of the galaxy.

    Broly far outclasses Frieza who was a casual planet buster. And he stomped the life out of not only Acsended Super Saiyan Vegeta (whom you have listed as a high above and your idea of high aboves are just ridiculous) but also Mastered Super Saiyan Goku, Acsended Super Saiyan Trunks, Super Namek Piccolo, and Mastered Super Saiyan Teen Gohan. Protoman can’t even cut a slice of bread when being compared to Dbz.

    Hell even Krillin could beat him when he got the power up from Guru. With a level of 10,000 Krillin became a casual moon buster and a minor planet buster. Bass at best could only have a level of 10,000 in power level terms. Piccolo busted the moon when he was at a level of 400 in the Saiyan saga.

    God, I am sorry if I am offending you but these battles are so asinine (extremely foolish). Most of them if not all of them. ALL OF THEM.

    • I agree that Broly is an easy galaxy buster, plus that’s before Super Saiyan 3! DBZ is definitely a strong series, but the manga is what pushed the Megaman franchise from a B-A franchise to a Triple S rank in terms of power. Bass, Protoman, and Megaman are the 3 big megaman fighters in terms of power/speed.

      No worries, I don’t take offense easy. Still out of the 10000 posts I’ve uploaded (Around 60-70% of them are fights) there’ve gotta be at least a couple hundred matches that you think are cool. Of course the easiest way to fix this is to request fights of your own, that you think would be close and a good matchup where it could go either way.

      Anyway, even though I think Megaman is a stronger franchise, DBZ is definitely up there as very high tier

      • The manga never once pushed it any where past planet busting. And a minor one at that. There is literally nothing that states it could topple Dbz. A giant Cyber Beast the size of the planet doesn’t mean anything other than that the monster is a planet buster at max. Because it was only affecting the earth at one time. The facts say otherwise.

      • Bass was shaking the entire planet just by powering up, plus he broke a Black Hole. The Cybeast is probably limited to Planet Buster, I’ll give you that, but he’s no Protoman, Bass, or Megaman! They never showed them blowing up more than one planet because it was unnecessary. Their speed was sufficient to show that these guys mean business. Even if they aren’t solar system busters, it doesn’t really change the outcome

      • And where did it actually show the planet shaking? It is not easy to show that in manga format because it requires very graphic things and just because someone says something doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s like someone from One Piece saying White Beard could destroy the world. But that doesn’t mean he is a planet buster. Just means the guy is in shock and awe that he assumes the worst.

      • I am convinced that you have no proof. Not only were the images you posted NOT images of the PLANET shaking but someone close to the battle just exaggerating the whole thing But they were also just images of a small piece of land shaking Were were obviously not looking at the whole planet. And not only can the three of them NOT beat the fused Cyberbeast alone (proven fact in the manga) there is also no proof otherwise to say one alone can beat it.

      • Megaman is not the type to exaggerate. The fused cybeast is powerful, but he’s not that fast which will prove to be his undoing. Any of the 3 could definitely speedblitz him and let’s not forget that they’ve gotten stronger since that battle.

    • And if they don’t have the raw power then they don’t win. The fused Cyberbeast in the manga is way above anyone like Protoman, Megaman, and Bass alone. It took the combined might of more than the three of them to win. So no. You are wrong in so many ways it’s not even funny.

      • Nah, Protoman, Megaman, and Bass could all defeat the fused cybeast on their own. He was strong, but slow. I don’t think they would have a problem disposing of him.

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