Spirit (Horse) vs Epona

Spirit (Horse) is back and now he’s up against Epona. They’re both pretty powerful horses and this would definitely be a close fight. I’d be leaning towards Epona in this round because he seems to be a bit stronger and he’s also very fast. Spirit (Horse) may have lost this round, but he put up a good fight. Epona wins.

2 thoughts on “Spirit (Horse) vs Epona

  1. i would love to give this fight to Epona, but Spirit has the size, strength, speed, and so far, intelegence that surpases that of Epona’s. Spirit pulls a train over a mountain; played dead to trick some guards; fought tooth and nail to save the ones he loved. im sorry but when it comes down to it, the only thing epona has on Spirit is armor.

    • I don’t know about that. Epona can definitely hold her own against Spirit in speed and strength. Spirit may be a bit bigger, but we could argue that Epona’s strength of character will be enough to help turn the tides. I didn’t forget that Spirit is King of his herd, but Epona has been in some pretty sticky situations in the past. I believe that he could take the win!

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