Ben 10 vs Machamp

Ben 10 has a lot of forms at his disposal, but in the end they won’t be a match for Machamp. Machamp has some pretty impressive raw power at his disposal and he can also use some strong fire skills for long range combat. Ben 10 won’t be able to keep up with his intense power and will take a loss in this round. Machamp wins.

Update 10/25/2022 Machamp is strong but Ben 10 has the speed and forms needed to stay one step ahead of him at all times. Ben 10 wins.


34 thoughts on “Ben 10 vs Machamp

  1. You can’t be serious. Are you forgetting his forms like Alien X, Waybig, He wouldn’t even be able to keep up with xlr8, Ultimate Humongousaur, ultimate Rath, Or even Diamondhead?

    • I think Machamp would be more than a match for their forms. They’re about equal in power, but Machamp has a much wider range of abilities to keep him on top. Alien X seems to be pretty tough, but I’m not sure if he can win this one. I know that he has omnipotence, but fighting wise, what feats does he have? Planet Buster or something right? Machamp is just too strong at this point, but Ben 10 will be back

      • I know Machamp is Strong, I mean, Machoke wears that belt of his because if he used all his power, he would die. So just imagine Machamp! Anyways, Ben 10 has his adult form that he sees in the future, Ben Tenthousand. Which since it proved he existed, he would count as a form. Machamp would lose against ten-thousand aliens. Plus, Ultimate Waybig can just step on Machamp. I know that Machamp has access to every power he has learned in all games. And that’s a big advantage. But, I don’t think, it’s enough.

      • Ben 10000 definitely counts as a form, but he wouldn’t be able to use his 10,000 forms, since most of them never actually appeared. That super form is definitely pretty powerful and I wager that he could take down many fighters. Overcoming Machamp’s large array of attacks may prove too difficult, but it is a really close battle. Ben 10 will be back with more fights coming soon though. Ultimate Waybig is pretty huge and his attack power is devastating, but I think Machamp can dodge him long enough to counter

      • That’s like trying to dodge a planet hitting earth. You can run, but you won’t be fast enough

      • He is pretty big, but I wouldn’t call Ultimate Waybig planetsize. He’s like Godzilla level in terms of size right? Machamp is fast, but he can also just use his power to try and overwhelm him

  2. Ultimate waybig is three times bigger than Waybig. So ultimate Waybig is 300 ft-600 ft. Godzilla is 50 meters as shown in this article.

    Contrary to what the English dub of the original Godzilla, King of the Monsters would have us believe, Godzilla was never “over 400 feet tall”. What follows is a history of Godzilla’s height, or correctly, increase in height. In the 1954 Japanese original, Dr. Yamane estimates that Godzilla is 50 meters tall (167 feet). Godzilla destroys Tokyo, but is later killed by the Oxygen Destroyer. A second Godzilla appears in the next movie: GodzilIa Raids Again (1955). This creature is also 50 meters tall and would remain this size for the following Godzilla movies through to Terror or MechaGodzilla (1975).
    Ultimate Waybig has a bigger body than Machamp which means he has more muscle. So Machamp CAN’T be stronger than Ultimate Waybig.

    • I believe that Godzilla has cracked 300 feet in some of the movies, but he’s definitelly not 600 feet so I guess it would be close. Still, they’re about the same size (If Ultimate Waybig is 300 Ft) More muscle doesn’t always = power. The Hulk has more muscles than Goku and Goku is vastly stronger. Ultimate Waybig is pretty powerful, but I’m not sure if he can beat Machamp

      • Gorky is powers by power POINTS! Not muscle. Name all the reasons you can that Machamp can beat Ben 10 and I will find a fault in them

      • Nope, Goku is stronger physically and energywise. All right

        1. Machamp’s array of attacks
        2. Machamp’s speed
        3. Machamp’s endurence

        Now name you counters so that I can counter them 🙂

    • That’s the Ben10 fanfiction wiki. I don’t think that for arms has an ultimate form. So we can’t take what they say seriously. Ben can’t turn into ditto and xlr8 is fast, but I’m not sure if he’s faster than Machamp. Even if he is a bit faster, he’s definitely not as strong so it’s a pretty risky gamble against Machamp

      • He can move faster than sound.(xlr8) Can turn his hand into missiles (ultimate Humongousaur). Can turn into any machine/weapon (Goop). he can reverse time (Alien X). He can freeze Machamp (Ultimate Bigchill). Machamp can’t knock something down that’s 700 ft taller than him or stop a tornado or breath in space when he gets thrown into space or fly (Ultimate Waybig).

      • Yes, but he wouldnt be using each form at once. He would have to keep alternating to use their abilities which would drain energy. Machamp could keep up with most of the forms in terms of speed. Ben’s large form would be tough, but he would have a tough time hitting machamp. I think machamps speed should give him the edge

      • Im pretty sure his ultimateix can do that without shutting down like in the original Ben 10

      • Basically the character’s life energy. To keep on going back and forth would be tricky and more of a power drainer than to stay in one form. The effects may not be that large, but in a really close fight like this one, it could be tricky. Plus, while changing in between forms, Machamp can land a critical hit in

      • I found this really cool thing by myself that proves Machamp is really fast. Mach means the speed of sound. Amp is short for amplify which means to increase.Mach-Amp. Anyways, when in the series does it say that Ben uses life energy or is it something that all charaters have on the blog? Nothing can break Diamond, not even Brick Break. That’s where Diamondhead comes in. Plus how so you expect Machamp to survive in space when he gets thrown by ultimate Waybig which can throw Waybig.

      • True, so it would make sense that Machamp is supersonic. I believe that it takes energy to keep on switching between aliens which is why he doesn’t keep on spamming different forms, but I could be mistaken. Either way switching a lot could be risky since he’ll have to keep adapting to the different sizes. Machamp’s hyper beam can help with Diamondhead, and I don’t think Ultimate Waybig will be fast enough to throw Machamp. Machamp’s too small and nimble to be thrown

    • That was pretty impressive and Diagon looks pretty tough. Maybe he could even take down Ben 10’s other forms! It’s always fun to see new characters on the blog

      • So ALL my friends have seen the entire pokemon and Ben 10 series and they say I am right

      • No how is it a coincidence? Do you think I’m lying?on a different subject, You said yourself. Quality>Quantity. Ben 10 has more quality than Machamp

      • Well, the fact that all of your friends have seen All of Pokemon (Which is over 600 episodes) and Ben 10 and that all of them agree with you. Not saying that you’re lying, but it’s definitely a one in a million chance so wouldn’t that qualify as a coincidence? I agree that Quality>Quantity. So Ben 10 has more forms, but Machamp is tougher

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