Tournament Smashers Episode 49 Ultra Humanite vs Power Girl

The next battle has now arrived.

Ultra Humanite was in his lab. He had been working on creating a cannon that could turn metal into Jelly Beans. He knew that the world would be baffled at his genius and they would have to give him to Nobel prize. The plan was so full proof that Ultra Humanite didn’t even bother to hide the cannon. He was building it on top of Duel Academy. “Call in the marines!” he heard Crowler yell.

Ultra Humanite knew that other fighters would soon be upon him, but he has no time for them. This cannon was the result of more than two months of worksmanship. He lifted the completed cannon and fired it into the distance. It knocked over a food cart, but the cart didn’t turn into a Jelly Bean. “It must’ve been plastic!” Ultra Humanite thought aloud as he pointed his cannon into the sky.

Power Girl was flying towards Ultra Humanite at mach speed from the direction of the food cart. She had been about to get a Chili Dog, but now that wouldn’t be happening. She knew that the Ultra Humanite must be stopped before he could do any more damage. He fired a blast at her, but Power Girl swerved to the right as she continued her flight towards Ultra Humanite.

“Rats,” Ultra Humanite yelled as he jumped off of the building and headed inside. Power Girl shattered the ceiling above him, but Ultra Humanite fired his cannon again. Power Girl dodged and rammed Ultra Humanite into the classroom. “Hey!” Jaden yelled as they crashed through a window and out of the school.

Power Girl punched Ultra Humanite into a tree which caused him to drop the cannon. “You haven’t beaten me,” Ultra Humanite yelled as he threw a couple of explosive discs. “Getting desperate are we?” Power Girl sneered as the explosive discs bounced off of her. “Impossible!” Ultra Humanite yelled as he threw a solid punch at Power Girl. Power Girl sidestepped the blow and kicked Ultra Humanite to the ground.

Ultra Humanite quickly took out his power gloves, but Power Girl spun around, making a tornado that blew the gloves away and zapped a lot of Ultra Humanite’s energy as he struggled to escape it. Ultra Humanite used the wind’s distraction as the perfect time to jump in his old spaceship. “To Mars!” he yelled as the ship took off.

“Ultra Humanite’s getting away!” Power Girl exclaimed as she gave chase. She overtook the ship in an instant and took hold of it. “Let it go!” Ultra Humanite yelled as he pressed a button to electrocute the ship. “Good thing I’m wearing gloves,” Power Girl said as she dragged the ship back to the ground. “Give it up Ultra Humanite,” Power Girl said as she smirked. Superman had told her that smirking is essential to crushing a villain’s spirit.

“I can’t lose!” Ultra Humanite yelled as he lunged at Power Girl. Power Girl punched him to the ground with a solid hay maker. Ultra Humanite wouldn’t be getting up again after that hit, so Power Girl took him to the proper authorities. “Lock him up,” Power Girl declared as she headed back to the Chili Dog vendor. The guy had already fixed his cart. “That’ll be 3:50 for a Chili Dog,” The guy said without batting an eye. He had witnessed the fight, but he wasn’t the type to give a hero a free meal for doing what he considered to be Civic Duty. Power Girl paid up and left to enjoy her Chili Dog. She had won her first battle in the tournament! Meanwhile Ultra Humanite was taken away to Metropolis’s best prison, where they planned to lock him up for years to come.

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