Tournament Smashers Episode 51 Dark Vader vs Didact

The 51st battle is now up!

Dark Vader was sitting atop his throne in the Death Star. “How long until we are at Ganon’s Fortress?” Dark Vader yelled at the Storm Trooper who was manning the controls. “Only a few more hours…Sir!” The Storm Trooper declared as he put the ship on full turbo. Suddenly a blast hit the Death Star and caused the ship to wobble. “BATTLE STATIONS!” a Storm Trooper yelled as he ran for the engine room.

The Engine Room blew up, which knocked all of the storm troopers into the escape pods. “Best of luck, Dark Vader,” they declared as the escape pods were shut off. “Foolishness!” Dark Vader yelled as he stood up and drew his light saber. “You’ve grown weak, Dark Vader,” Didact laughed as he appeared from the shadows. “Defend yourself,” Dark Vader declared as he slashed at Didact.

Didact stretched out his arm and Dark Vader felt a force pushing him back. “You can control, The Force!” Dark Vader said as he stretched out his arm as well and blocked The Force. “I prefer to call it, telekinesis,” Didact replied as he stretched out both arms. Dark Vader jumped towards Didact and prepared to deal the finishing strike. Didact rolled to the side and and punched Dark Vader to the ground.

“Impressive,” Dark Vader said as he got back up. “Knock me down, and I’ll come back a thousand times stronger,” Dark Vader bluffed as he readied his light saber. “I don’t believe that for a second!” Didact said as he charged at Dark Vader. Didact shot out another punch, but Dark Vader blocked with his light saber. Dark Vader took the chance to quickly punch Didact to the ground.

“You’re fast, but not fast enough,” Didact said as he took out a laser gun. “I grow weary of these annoyances,” Dark Vader declared as he emitted a strong burst of Force. It knocked Didact backwards and he dropped the gun. Didact jumped towards Dark Vader and used a roundhouse kick. Dark Vader ducked the blow and swung his sword upwards. Didact was no longer there and punched Dark Vader from behind. Dark Vader rolled with the blow and shot another blast of Force, which pinned Didact to the wall.

Didact used his telekinesis to free himself and fell to the ground just as Dark Vader’s light saber stabbed the wall. “You’re pretty quick,” Didact stated as he pressed a button. A hovercraft appeared and Didact grabbed hold of it as it started to fly away. “Until we meet again!” Didact yelled as the craft started gaining speed. “Not quite,” Dark Vader replied as he stopped the craft from moving with The Force. “The Force is too strong!” Didact yelled as he jumped off of the craft, but he was now wielding a gun.

“Take this!” Didact yelled as he fired off several energy blasts. Dark Vader parried them all with his light saber and even sent two of them back at Didact with The Force. Didact hit the ground, but quickly jumped back up. It wasn’t his best move, as Dark Vader grabbed him and threw Didact into the air. “I may have lost this round, but I’ll be back,” Didact declared as Dark Vader slashed him through the Death Star and into the dark void of space.

“That was a large waste of time,” Dark Vader said as he walked back to his throne. The Death Star was beyond repair and it wouldn’t hold up for long. Dark Vader would need to quickly land on a random planet and hope that they had advanced tech to repair the ship. He could sense some powerful life forms on the planet and he felt excited.

8 thoughts on “Tournament Smashers Episode 51 Dark Vader vs Didact

  1. Cortana vs Skynet
    Clicker (the last of us) vs the blind zombies from resident evil.
    Thank you for doing this, but may I ask, how did you decide to do this one?

    • You already requested the first one and zombies don’t really count on the blog I’m afraid 😦

      Glad to do it. Well, once a week I upload a story based on a battle. I choose from the top 10 battles of that day. So, today the only choices in the top 10 were Dark Vader vs Didact and Spiderman vs Deadpool. I thought that Dark Vader vs Didact would be a pretty fun battle to write so I went and chose that one. Good job on that request btw

  2. The Didact vs Promethian Knight
    Promethian Knight vs Slade
    Deadpool vs Slade
    Deadpool vs Noob Smoke
    Darth Vader vs Darth Maul

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