Tournament Smashers Episode 52 Iihiko vs Superman

The 52nd Battle is now up!

“This can’t be happening!” a guard yelled as he fired some bullets in the air. He knew that he only chance was for backup to arrive and fast! “Hahahahaha,” a voice laughed as the being approached the officer. “Don’t take another step,” the guard yelled as he pivoted and sprinted towards an abandoned warehouse. The door creaked as he opened it and the boards seemed to crack with every step.

“I think I lost him,” the guard said as he sat down. That had been a pretty tough chase, but not even Iihiko would dare go in an abandoned warehouse! “Boo,” a voice said as Iihiko appeared. “SUPERMAN!” the guard yelled as he threw his gun at Iihiko. The gun bounced off of him and hit the ground.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent was eating a hot dog at home. “That Kent is so lazy,” he heard the neighbors outside muttering. “If only they knew that mild mannered Clark Kent, was actually Superman,” Kent said aloud as he turned on the TV. Suddenly he heard someone yell, “SUPERMAN!!!!” “This sounds like a job for Superman,” Clark said as his clothes transformed into his kryptonian attire. He had heard that this brand new 52 suit was all the rage nowadays and he wanted to give it a shot.

He dashed towards the sound of the voice and he saw a demon grabbing the guard. “Fight’s over son,” Superman said as he landed and placed his hand on Iihiko’s shoulder. “I’m going to take you to the proper authorities,” Superman said as he struggled to make Iihiko unhand the guard. “You are so weak,” Iihiko said as he let go of the guard and grabbed Superman.

“Unhand me,” Superman responded as he struggled to break free. Iihiko’s grip felt like iron around Superman and he knew that his efforts were futile. “What do you want with Metropolis!” Superman yelled as Iihiko threw him to the ground. “To prove my superiority and destroy all of you inferior life forms,” Iihiko said as he disappeared. “What speed!” Superman yelled as Iihiko appeared behind him and punched him through a building.

“One more punch like that, and I think that I’m a goner,” Superman thought as he quickly activated his JLA comm. “Guys…I need a bit of assistance,” Superman said into the communicator as he waited for a response. “I’m afraid that your signal won’t get through,” Iihiko laughed as he walked towards Superman. “You monster!” Superman yelled as he zoomed towards Iihiko at massively faster than light speeds.

“Tut tut Superman, you know better than to fly at those kinds of speeds on Earth,” Iihiko said as he stepped on Superman in mid flight. “Impossible!” Superman yelled as Iihiko kicked him to the ground. Superman struggled to get up, but Iihiko knocked him back down again.

“You haven’t beaten me,” Superman yelled as he shot a blast of heat from his eyes. Iihiko walked through it and grabbed Superman. “Unhand me!” Superman yelled. He figured that Iihiko would have to listen to him this time. Iihiko laughed and threw Superman in the air. “Such force, I can’t escape!” Superman yelled as he began to fall.

Iihiko was charging up a super punch. “At least I won’t get to feel it,” Superman thought as he lost consciousness. “End of the road Superman,” Iihiko said as he shot out his punch. The shockwave blew the planet up and then blew it back together in an instant. Superman was disintegrated in an instant. “This is the fate of all those who oppose me!” Iihiko laughed as he went off to terrorize other cities. Nobody would be able to stop him!

Meanwhile, Superman was in the Netherworld. “Somehow, I don’t think I’m in Smallville anymore,” Superman nervously said to himself as the zombies started walking towards him. “Don’t mess with me!” Superman yelled as he ran towards them. He would show them why he’s called the Man of Steel!

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