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Tahu vs Vezok

This battle brings up the legendary question, “Can Fire beat Water?”. I’m inclined to say yes, but it can be difficult in most cases. Tahu’s flames wouldn’t be able to burn away Vezok’s water, (Through evaporation) but he does have his swords at the ready. Vezok has quite a few projectiles, including his Water Harpoons. I believe that Tahu will be able to parry them with his swords and then deal a finishing strike against Vezok. With his lethal swords, one good hit is all that Tahu will need. Getting that hit is the main problem, but I believe that he will pull through. If not, Tahu does have his merged form. Tahu wins.


2 thoughts on “Tahu vs Vezok”

  1. I’d be inclined to agree here. Tahu’s easily te strongest of the Toa Mata/Nuva by a long shot (excluding maybe Takanuva) on the blog since he has both the Golden Armour and the legendary Mask of Time. Some of the other Piraka may cause problems for the others though, particularly Zaktan, Thok and Hakaan

    1. Yes, he does seem to be the most skilled. His swords come in handy for fights like this one, where the elements aren’t in his favor. I remember seeing Thok among the other requests you have in the vault. Could Tahu’s reign be over!?

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