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Raikage vs Superman

Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and one good punch can shatter whole planets. Raikage has incredible speed and his power can match up with Goku’s. Both of these guys are excellent fighters, but I just don’t think that Superman would be able to keep up with him. Raikage rises up the ranks with this win and he will be back. Raikage wins.

12 thoughts on “Raikage vs Superman”

    1. Superman can’t even react to gunshots sometimes. (Watch JL Doom) Superman is pretty fast…for a comic book character, but he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the Raikage. Even Naruto and Sasuke had trouble with the guy!

  1. few people choose superman not becus he can beat the raikage but because thats what they want and belive . they are not looking at the facts ,there problem is that they cant’t handle the truth.
    superman is very strong but the fact is that he could not even take on the elite , but i bet that the raikage can with just a simple punch , but i think the superman in man of steel can because his power is a little bit exagerated .
    1-SPEED -superman speed is said to be compared with the speed of sound whlie that of the raikage is around he speed of lightening.

    2-STRENGTH-i think the raikage also takes this one but if for some reason superman has more power he can hardly stike a punch because one thing i know of superman is that he is not good at one -on -one combat.

    3-RESILIENCE- i think superman takes this barly but the raikages lightening completlys overtake supermans.

    i wold love to continue but there u have it raikage is the clear winner . even if with all this , lets say they are wrong which i know thay arent , supermans punch will be greatly reduced due to raikages lighting shield.

  2. Superman is the mate of avatar. His speed is to slow and he has strength when it comes to physical objects but when it comes to fighting one-on-one he is noting because without speed you will not be able to hit a person as fast as raikage. And raikage has speed to dodge all superman attacks and his strength is double of superman own. So raikage wins the match. FINAL!

  3. Lmao raikage has no where near the speed nor strength to take down supes. Kal is capable of faster than light speed and has the strength to bench the earths weight for 5 days without breaking a sweat.

    1. That is definitely impressive, but Superman’s combat speed is still not quite as good as the Raikage’s. It will be tough for him to react to the shinobi’s punches and Superman will be forced to stay on the defensive.

    2. superman’s strenght has nothing to do with planets ,notice it , there is no where in the movie nor animation superman has even destroyed a city except in books which are just plain fanfiction

      1. In animation he definitely doesn’t look quite as impressive, I’ll certainly agree there. The comics are where he really gets to go all out!

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