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Enel vs Raikage

Enel is back and he’s in for a pretty big fight against the Raikage! Both of these opponents are skilled at using thunder techniques, but I would give the Raikage the edge in combat speed and power. Enel’s shocks won’t be quite as effective against this guy and one or two good hits from the Raikage should be enough to put him down. Raikage wins.

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Raikage vs One Above All

One Above All is a cosmic entity who could anhiliate many opponents in an instant. At least if his legends are to be believed. The Raikage is a pretty cool Kage and deserves to get some solid wins under his belt. The One Above All is closing in on 100 matches, which is pretty impressive. Raikage has reached the end of his win streak and will probably take a rest. Raikage wins.

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Raikage vs Superman

Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and one good punch can shatter whole planets. Raikage has incredible speed and his power can match up with Goku’s. Both of these guys are excellent fighters, but I just don’t think that Superman would be able to keep up with him. Raikage rises up the ranks with this win and he will be back. Raikage wins.

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Raikage vs Killer Bee

Killer Bee is pretty powerful and one of the strongest shinobi in Naruto, but I don’t think that he could take the Raikage down. The Raikage has some pretty intense speed and solid power as well. Killer Bee’s beams and sword skills won’t be enough to stop this guy. Raikage wins.