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Captain Comet vs Batman

Captain Comet is someone that you definitely want to watch out for. He may not be the strongest guy in the ring, but he’s definitely tough when it counts. Batman is a better detective in the longrun and his martial art skills have lain waste to many opponents. Captain Comet just won’t be able to keep up with Batman’s GL Power Ring in the end. Batman wins.

8 thoughts on “Captain Comet vs Batman”

  1. Paalease no contest……. Comet wins! He has a higher IQ and is a expert in hand to hand combat as well. Besides he would just make but Bruce mind think he’s a kid again and still afraid of bats and then the Comet would just fly him out into space and watch him die…….lol…..

    1. Yes, but Batman has his GL Ring thanks to composite. He can quickly make a cool construct of Superman to take Captain Comet down for the count or weaken him so that Batman can use his prep time/action suit to win the day.

  2. Lmao……… I had a good chuckle to your explanation, superman construct niiiice…….lol
    But let me remind you Captain Comet once faced Sinestro who at the time was a yellow lantern. And Sinestro constructed a clamp on Comets head and Comet mentally removed it and took Sinestro down in seconds. Remember Sinestro has the experience of being a green and yellow lantern, and was no match. Now Comet also can see and will know everything the Bats gonna do before he does it.
    Plus Captain Comet will just make the construct superman think that he is surrounded by kryptonite and he`ll run like girl. And also lets add that he`ll just make Bruce think his parents are still alive and then there will be no point of being Batman and he`ll hang up the cape : )

    1. Right, but Batman’s array of powers over the years rival Captain Comet’s. He has the GL Ring, a YL Ring, Superman’s powers, Black Canary’s abilities, and more. Batman is one of the ultimate fighters in DC when composite is allowed and that’s the main reason why it’ll be tough for Captain Comet. The telepathy is definitely useful, but I like to think that Batman’s strength of will will allow him to resist it…at least for a little while!

  3. I just happen to come a cross this and I like to add my 2 cents worth. First off, I would have to agree with Dreager1 if Batman did have all them additional powers he would have a chance for the win if not the win! But That’s not Batman, them are just shorts storys or series were he receives them extra powers. But still that’s not really Batman, so with that being said. Batman that we`ve come to love over the last 75 years straight up against Comet would have no chance!
    It does say Captain Comet vs Batman! Not GL Batman or Batman with sups or canary`s powers so Comet Wins!!!!!!!!!!

    1. True, but the blog does have the composite rule for times like this. It’s listed as one of the pages on the top. If this was normal Batman then even with prep time I may be tempted to go with Captain Comet. He absolutely deserves his rep as one of the tougher characters out there. But against composite Batman..the Dark Knight has this!

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