Gon vs Saint of Killers

The Saint of Killers is someone who should be feared since his shots cannot miss thanks to his impressive guns. Don’t think that he needs them as a crutch since he’s already an expert marksman. Unfortunately for him, bullets aren’t the best weapon against a being who can emit nen like Gon. His nen barriers will protect him from the bullets and this is one time where they will not be able to find their mark. Gon doesn’t have to even wait that long as he can use his insane speed to destroy the Saint of Killers with a Jan Jan Ken attack before he can fire the gun. Gon takes yet another win and he’s getting close to 300! Gon wins.


10 thoughts on “Gon vs Saint of Killers

  1. Saint of killer gun is literally like a homing missiles it will never miss and always hit it’s target no matter how fast you are, and will always kill no matter how strong that person is.

  2. Stop overrating gon he wouldn’t last one second against s.o.k, gon is street tier at best s..o.k killed god and satan with bullets.

    • That’s not too impressive for sok though unless the guys he destroyed had good feats. Gon is a lot faster than anyone sok has ever gone up against so that could be the tipping point here

  3. Speed doesn’t mean jack if you punch like a normal human being gon is trash tier Demonbane destroys gon and bass at the same time.

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