Garurumon vs Bowser

Bowser and Garurumon
Bowser may be a tricky opponent, but he’s definitely not tough enough to defeat Garurumon. Garurumon is a very fast fighter and his offensive capabilities are beyond Bowser. Bowser won’t be able to defend against those attacks for very long and he’ll quickly be defeated. He is starting the Mario Party special on a low note! Garurumon wins.

Original art created by hahulac


5 thoughts on “Garurumon vs Bowser

      • Yep. But, if it was Gabumon, Gabumon would be defeated effortlessly but, Garurumon will be a huge problem against Bowser. But, if it was Were or MetalGarurumon, Bowser has 1% chance of winning.
        By the way, there is a request for a battle:
        ZeedMillenniummon vs Orochi (from The King of Fighters)

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