Optimus Prime vs Bowser

Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots and he’s a tough opponent to take down. Bowser may have his Giga Bowser form, but Optimus Prime still has the superior amount of firepower at his side. Not to mention that he’s also faster than Bowser and he can fly pretty well. This is another battle that Bowser loses. Optimus Prime wins.

140 thoughts on “Optimus Prime vs Bowser

      • Dreamy Bowser is Bowser strongest form just see the abilities of Dreamy Bowser and you will understand.

      • I did end up buying Dream Team so I’ll see it more first hand soon but from the vids I’ve seen it just doesn’t look as good as Giga

  1. Optimus prime obviously has more experience here but I don´t see him do very much against Dreamy Bowser or Grand Star Bowser.

      • Prime has battled many powerful foes but never battled someone multiversal like Dreamy Bowser. Dreamy Bowser will just finish Prime in just a few attacks or just wish that he dies.

      • I wouldn’t put Bowser as multiversal in any of his forms but I will admit that the guy is a fun villain. Pretty much all of his lines tend to be quite amazing

  2. Dreamy Bowser is multiversal. Like if someone that can create anything wish anything couldn´t be multiversal. It says clear in Dreamy´s Bowser abilities.

      • Like wishing optimus to die wouldn´t help him here? Dreamy Bowser could create a weapon that would help him in the fight or that could weaken him.

      • Yeah the wish just wouldn’t do anything. As long as Prime wants to live then he shall. Dream Bowser’s best bet would be to create a weapon but he’ll have to do it quickly or Prime will take him down with a quick energy cannon shot

  3. The wish would do a lot in here. Prime can´t wish that he still lives is like he would being begging mercy for Bowser but it won´t help. The wish would end Prime quickly and if Prime does a lot of damage to Dreamy Bowser he can just heal himself or create a shield from protect him from Prime´s attacks. Its just like Prime says: ´´In the end of the day. One shall stand and one shall fall, and Prime will be the one who will fall.

    • Keep in mind that Prime has the Matrix of Leadership. His will is quite strong so nobody can wish him away. I just completed Bowser’s Inside Story today and while Bowser had some really good feats I saw nothing that would suggest he could beat Prime. I’ll be playing through Dream Team soon although I have to get through a few more games before that one. At the end of the day the problem is that wish as you may, dreams cannot become reality while Prime is around

  4. The Matrix of leadership is powerful but it won´t protect Optimus from the wishes of Bowser. We just saw that makes Prime so powerful but it not protect him from things that would make him die. Dreamy Bowser could wish that Prime lost his powers or that he would overpower him. Dreamy Bowser´s wishes are what will help him more here. Then he will finish him by his blast of fire.

    • Trust me, Bowser wouldn’t be able to wish like that. The power of dreams can’t scare those who are awake. It’s like how Dr. Destiny needed Batman to fall asleep so he could make some waves. Otherwise that would have been game over for him. Dreamy Bowser is best when people are asleep but everyone has a strong willpower of their own otherwise so I can’t see Prime being able to do a whole lot here

      • In the final battle of Dream team Dreamy Bowser could still create weapons even when nobody was asleep so that proves Dreamy Bowser can still wish anything even if anyone is asleep so Dreamy Bowser would wish that Prime dies and that´s it.

      • He can’t though, Prime has the Matrix of Leadership and more importantly the guy just has a strong will. Nobody’s going to be taking Prime out of the picture that’s for sure

  5. Prime sure has a strong will but his will can´t protect him form Bowser´s wishes. Prime´s will hasn´t show anything that it can protect Optimus from things that could take him out of the picture. Stop making up things.

    • Yes, plus we can’t forget that he’s got the Matrix of Leadership as well. Bowser won’t be able to wish him away. It’s like trying to get out of a fight. No matter how much you wish for it, you’ve still got to go in and fight at some point

      • The matrix of leadership hasn´t shown to be able to protect Prime from any kind of posses for now. So still it can´t protect him from Bowser´s wishes. In the end of the day Prime will be the one who shall fall.

      • Bowser’s wishes and Prime’s own wish to survive would counter each other perfectly and that’s why nobody would be able to make any headway

  6. Prime doesn´t have the ability to wish anything like Dreamy Bowser. The Matrix of leadership can´t protect him from Bowser´s wishes, because it hasn´t show that can protect him from things that can take him out of the picture. Bowser will finish Prime with one single wish.

    • The Matrix has protected Prime from dying a few times so there’s that. Prime always finds way to get back onto the field even though he shouldn’t. I don’t know about you, but that’s why I would pick him to have my back 10 times out of 10

      • When has the Matrix of leadership protected Prime from dying? I searched in google and youtube and it doesn´t appear nothing that the matrix of leadership has protected Prime so that means it can protect him form Bowser´s wishes. Prime has no escape.

      • When Prime seemingly died in Cyberverse and in G1 he ultimately was able to come back through the will of the Primes which is in effect the Matrix. Bowser can wish as much as he wants but it’s not going to do a whole lot of good here. That’s what it all boils down to

  7. No still can´t find that so it still means that Prime can´t be protected by the matrix of leadership so he would be finish very quickly by Bowser´s wishes.

    • Prime would definitely be able to resist. You can’t just put a wish that a cybertronian is taken down for the count like that. Wishes just aren’t powerful enough for that

      • Prime won´t be able to resist. He can´t use willpower to protect him from the wishes because he hasn´t shown anything of willpower. The wishes are powerful enough to do things like that. Zamasu wished to Shenlong that Goku and him change bodies and it worked. What makes that different to this?

      • Zamasu’s wish isn’t trying to destroy Goku. The body was still very much alive. Bowser could wish to switch bodies with Prime but if he’s so much stronger as you say then wouldn’t this lead to his demise? That said, I don’t believe a body swap would work either

  8. Optimus Prime can´t be protected by the Matrix of leadership because the Matrix of leadership hasn´t be able to do anything like that. Bowse will finish Prime very quickly with his wishes.

      • Bowser can wish him to die. Optimus can´t really do anything to stop Bowser´s wishes, Bowser will end up destroying Prime. Bowser is the one who has superior raw power in here.

      • Wishes like that don’t scare an Autobot leader like Optimus. Optimus Prime will just keep on approaching and Bowser will eventually start having to back up here.

  9. It doesn´t matter if it scares Prime or not he will still be finished by Bowser´s wishes and there is nothing Pime can use to protect him self from the wishes.

      • He can´t resist it. He never shown to be able to resist a posses that would kill him. He would be finished by Bowser.

      • Prime can and would resist it. Remember this is the guy who even talked back to the iconic Primes in the Matrix world. There’s nothing Optimus isn’t willing to do in order to win

  10. Prime never resisted something that could kill him and we both know that. We can be sure that Prime would do that since we don´t know if he is capable to do that.

    • Prime was literally in the dead world of the matrix in Robots and Disguise and just decided that he didn’t want to be dead and climbed out of there. Part of that is heart of the cards type cheesiness and part of that is just skill

      • When he did ever do that? I don´t find anything of that in google or youtube so that means Prime doesn´t have anything to protect himself from Bowser´s wishes.

      • It works. The wishes do anything you want him to do like you want a jacuzzi and the wish will give it to you. And do you have any proof that Prime would resist the wishes?

      • Wishes are great of course but they’re not going to allow you to win a fight. They’re a great assistant but not the victory clause

  11. They can. Wishes do everything for you they can even give you the win. Shenlong´s wishes and in the The Fairly OddParents and the Timmy´s wishes to the two fairly oddparents always works so what would is the difference would do in this?

    • Because even Shenron himself couldn’t wish Prime out of existence or into defeat. Wishes just don’t allow you to take the win and that’s what I’ve been trying to point out. Wishes just help you with the smaller things but not with wins

      • Wishes do for you anything even give you the win and do you have proof Prime can take the wishes? Because that is something very hard to believe.

      • Wishes just don’t do anything though. I’d redirect you to the blog battle rules. Wishes that just send you out of existence or something like that don’t work because character’s will of existence blocks it

  12. Who I think could win depends on the state and form of Bowser and Prime. Prime possibly most of the time against regular Bowser, but if the wishes have any power, Bowser, along with other magical abilities that Bowser has. Just my two cents.

    • Yeah the wishes would be Bowser’s only real chance here if they were effective but I wouldn’t say they would do much of anything against Prime. That guy’s really shown a lot of great durability feats over the years

      • He was stabbed by Megatron in the back and that killed him while Bowser was able to resist thinks much worse than a single stab and we haven´t see Prime able to resist a posses that could kill him so I don´t think he can take the wishes.

      • Sure Prime is definitely susceptible to physical attacks but you have to understand that Megatron is extremely powerful and roughly Prime’s equal. It makes sense that he could be hurt by such a hit. The whole wishes thing still doesn’t work though. How would Bowser just wish Prime away? It’s never that easy and Prime will be blasting away at him the whole time

  13. And what makes you think Prime can survive such a thing that can take him out of the picture? Its just like the infinity snap. When Thanos snapped his fingers a half of Earth´s population where washed out existence. So if Bowser wish to wash Prime out of existence it would sure work and Prime won´t be able t resist it, I mean…When have we saw that Prime could survive a posses that can kill him? The answer is: Never.

    • Right, the Infinity Snap wouldn’t work here either. Things like that which bend reality to avoid a fight don’t work because then we wouldn’t even have a fight. That’s why such abilities wouldn’t work on anyone. I’m not just singling out Optimus Prime, I would defend any character from this fate

      • The snap can even affect people even more powerful that Prime for example: Thor and Captain Marvel so I ma sure that the snap and the wish would still work in Prime.

      • Right, but that wouldn’t work in a true fight. Thor and Captain Marvel would be able to shrug it off since they’re stronger than all that

  14. Not sure about that, Prime won´t be able to take the wish or neither the snap. He can´t resist or block the wishes because we never seen him capable to do that.

      • When has Prime used and shown anything of willpower? You can´t just say someone has willpower when we haven´t saw him using anything of it.

      • I’m saying that anyone can use will power. It’s not something you need to develop like a special ability or anything like that. Anyone can just shrug off the wishes if they need too

  15. Not when someone hasn´t use anything of willpower and since Prime hasn´t use anything of willpower then we obviously know he doesn´t have willpower. Sure he has will but not willpower.

      • But not a willpower that can save you from a posses. So I don´t think Prime´s will has enough power to protect him from this.

      • Prime isn´t even a creature he is a robot! If Prime never used willpower then he doesn´t have any of willpower.

      • He is still sentient so it doesn’t matter if he’s a robot or not. I would also point out that he is Cybertronian which is organic by nature and pretty far removed from just any ole robot

      • In a sense characters do that all the time since villains are always wishing that they would fade away and the heroes stay in the picture. It’s all about mind over matter or so I’ve heard

  16. Prime has never been able to stay in the picture when someone tries to wish him away…yet. But for now we don´r know if he would be able to take something like that.

      • You can’t say that when we don’t know if Prime has enough power to do that so for now on he can’t do anything with Bowser’s wishes.

      • Prime could definitely block the wishes though. Put it this way, if Bowser could actually wish someone away then he would have done it in the game. Since he didn’t we know that the guy has a lot of fatal weaknesses at the ready to that ability

  17. He didn’t used in the game cause you know heroes always win in the game. But we still don’t know if the autobot can do that. Its like saying that I can survive the sun. I will admit that prime can block the wishes when I see a scene when his will protected him from any kind of posses that can take him out of the picture. But for now on Prime can’t do anything.

    • Sure, but since he didn’t do it, we don’t know that he actually could. I’d say he can’t since sentient beings will always be able to protect themselves from outside attacks like that. All Prime has to do is flex to block out those kinds of mental attacks and stay strong the way that an Autobot Leader should. At that point Bowser won’t be able to overcome his durability or anything like that.

      • Prime can´t block possesses that can kill him we don´t know if he is enough strong to do that yet. He can´t do to avoid Bowser´s wishes.

  18. We all know that wishes can affect alive people too in the The Fairly OddParents Timmy wished to never had exist and it worked so Bowser´s wishes would affect Prime too.

    • Right but we haven’t seen that Bowser’s can do the same. For all we know the Wishing Star just isn’t as strong as the normal ones. If that’s the case then it would explain why Bowser was so desperate in the climax

      • The Dream Stone can grant any wish. So if Dreamy Bowser wished to the Dream Stone that Prime dies he would do that.

      • The Dream Stone has its limits though. Bowser can try to wish for that but Prime can just wish to live so then it goes round and round in circles

  19. The Dream STone can have limits but so does Prime´s will. Prime doesn´t have anything to protect himself from Dreamy Bowser´s wishes he would be erased out of existence.

    • They would cancel each other out here. As powerful as Prime is, he’s also got a strong will. Bowser can try to bring on the heat but Prime will just knock him back each time. Without the wishes Bowser won’t be able to keep up here

      • Prime sure has will but not a will that can protect him form things that can erase him out of existence. His will is not too strong to do that so he doesn´t have anything to avoid Bowser´s wishes. When I see a scene when his will or anything protects Prime from something that can erase him out of existence I will accept that Prime would win but now he can´t do anything.

      • First we would need to see a scene of Bowser wishing someone out of existence but it’s never happened which is why Bowser is doomed here. No matter how hard he tried he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Prime’s insane offensive power. He can just overwhelm Bowser with a lot of different guns and armaments

  20. Bowser sucked the Dream Stone´s fragments so it means it sucked the Dream stone´s powers so he would just would use the wishing powers of the Dream stone and he would wish that Prime dies and there is nothing that Prime can do to avoid it.

    • He sucked the fragments up but it seems to be imperfect at best given how Mario and Luigi were kicking him around the curb the whole time. If Bowser could have wished him away then he certainly would have

      • The wishes really wouldn´t work on Luigi and Mario because they would be protected by the seven legendary stars or even Rosalina or starlow but Prime wouldn´t have anyone to be protected form Bowser´s wishes.

      • Right and Knuckles is protected by the Master Emerald, Prime by the Matrix, Sonic by the Chaos Emeralds, etc. Everyone has something that protects them which is why the wishes never actually work

  21. The Master Emerald hasn´t shown to be able to protect Knuckles from things that can erase him from existence neither the Matrix or the Chaos Emeralds. All the guys you mentioned will be finished by the wishes.

      • Bowser sucked the Dream Stone´s fragments so that means he also sucked the Dream Stone´s powers. He would use the wishing powers of the Dream Stone and he would wish that Prime dies. And Prime can´t do anything to avoid the wishes. Bowser is superior.

      • Right but we haven’t seen the Dream Stone use that kind of power. We don’t even know if Bowser literally sucked in all of the fragments or most of them. Right now I think Prime would just make eye contact with Bowser and tell him no when Bowser makes the wish

  22. The game says that the Dream Stone does have the capacity of grant you any wish you want and we just saw that Bowser too sucked all of the fragments. So he sucked too the Dream Stone´s wishing powers. That is why he is capable to create and wish anything. Prime is finished.

    • We don’t know if he absorbed all of it or just most though. Additionally we never saw he was able to grant that kind of wish and Prime has the Matrix of Leadership. No matter how you slice it, Bowser is finished here

      • If Bowser’s sucked the Dream Stone’s fragments so he sucked his powers too he would wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies and the would be over for him.

      • Bowser can’t though. If he could then he would have done that to Mario and Luigi. Since he didn’t, we know that Bowser had reached his limit so Prime would crush him here

  23. It didn’t work on Mario and Luigi since they would be protected by Rosalina or Starlow or even by the seven legendary stars. Bowser sucked the powers of the Dream Stone so he would use his wishing powers and he would wish that Prime dies and that is over for the leader of the Autobots.

      • The Matrix can´t do anything I already told you he never has shown the power to protect Prime. Bowser is the one who stomps Prime.

      • And I already mentioned we’ve never seen Bowser be able to wish someone out of existence so he wouldn’t be able to do anything here. Prime would be the one blasting straight through Bowser and it would be a pretty violent end for the Koopa King

  24. And I already told you like a 1000 times that if Bowser sucked the Dream Stone´s fragments then he sucked the wishing powers of the Dream Stone too since in dream team we saw him able to create and wish anything he wants. He could wish to the Dream Stone that he dies and that is it for the leader of the Autobots.

      • It doesn´t work on Mario and Luigi because they would be protected by Rosalina. Rosalina protected Mario from the Big Bang in Mario Galaxy 1 so that proves she can protect him from things like this while the Matrix hasn´t shown to do that and that is why Prime can´t do anything. Bowser crushes Prime.

      • We didn’t see Rosalina do anything of the sort. She wasn’t even in Dream Team so we can’t say that she protected them from the wishes. As a result, the wishes thing is fake and Bowser would get completely and utterly crushed by Prime’s main blaster

  25. Well she must have been in space and she used her powers to protect Mario and Luigi and we all know that they won because heroes always won. Dreamy Bowser has the wishing powers on his side so he would wish that Prime dies and the Matrix can’t protect him.

    • No that would be a huge unfounded assumption and we don’t do that here. Proof/feats or it didn’t happen. In this case what that means is Prime would easily be able to keep blasting away at Bowser until he takes the win

      • Since Rosalina was able to protect Mario from the Big Bang in Mario Galaxy 1 then that means she can protect him from the wishes too. She must have been in her home and saw the fight with Bowser and protected him and Luigi from Bowser’s wishes. Dreamy Bowser’s wishing powers will finish off Prime and also he could turn him into a brick.

      • It may mean that she could have but not that she did. I can guarantee you she wouldn’t bother. For starters because we don’t even know if she exists in the Mario & Luigi series. That’s why Prime would take Bowser for a spin and then take him out just like what Mario did

  26. Rosalina would have interfere. She would be in here Comet Observatory watching the fight and she knows that Dreamy Bowser could wish Mario and Luigi away so he would use her powers and would have protected Mario and Luigi from the wishes. Dreamy Bowser has wishing power on his side so he would wish that Prime dies and the Matrix wouldn’t protect him. Bowser is way more powerful than you think.

    • Nah, Rosalina doesn’t get involved in things like that. Partially because she knows that the Mario bros don’t need her. They’ve beaten Bowser so many times in the past so why would it be any different now? Fact of the matter is that Bowser is just out of his league here. He’s not ready to handle this kind of power, nor was he ever.

      • It would be different because Dreamy Bowser has an immense power and also he is a multiversal god who can create and wish anything so Rosalina knows they would need help. She would protect Mario and Luigi from the wishes but Prime wouldn’t have the same luck. He would be finished by Dreamy Bowser. Bowser is very powerful kid and I recommend you to not underestimate that.

      • It’s not different. Without seeing Rosalina we can’t assume that she helped. So Mario and Luigi didn’t have any protection yet tanked it. Prime would do the same. You’re overestimating Bowser. I like the guy but he’s out of his league against a decent fighter like Prime. Optimus is just too much for him

  27. Then Starlow would be protecting them. Bowser is way superior. The guy has destroyed a whole universe in the past! Who do you think Prime can fight someone like that? And also Bowser has fought Culex who is literally a god while Prime may have fought powerful foes too but never a god. Dreamy Bowser would finish off Prime quickly and the Matrix can’t protect him.

    • Starlow wasn’t though. Now you’re just making things up to try and justify Bowser’s wish giving abilities. We have to face the facts here, there are no wishes that can stop Prime.

      • We all know that since Bowser sucked the Dream Stone’s fragments he sucked too his wishing powers. Believe me, Starlow has the power to protect Mario and Luigi that is why the wishes didn’t work on him. But Prime doesn’t have anyone who can protect him from the wishes. He is finished.

      • Nah, we don’t know that and Starlow wasn’t protecting anything. So Bowser can’t wish anyone away and that’s why Prime would just shoot him and be done with it. Nobody is going to be getting in his way

  28. In the scene before Luigi and Mario fight Dreamy Bowser Starlow first give them protection from the wishes. So that is why but Prime doesn’t have any protection and Bowser would wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies.

    • No that’s not true in the slightest. Remember your bluffs won’t work here since I actually played through the whole game recently. Prime would just laugh and then slap the handcuffs on Bowser

      • We just saw Starlow gives Mario and Luigi protection from the wishes and also Bowser could wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies. And also Bowser could just turn Prime into a brick and he has his Grand Star form that is capable of destroying planets. Prime has never fought guys like Bowser.

      • Starlow didn’t give any kind of protection though. Watch the cutscene again and you’ll see that he didn’t do anything. So Bowser has no wishes that could stop Prime. Prime would just blast Bowser away with ease

  29. Before the fight starts Starlow and Dreambert gives Mario and Luigi protection. Bowser could wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies and he could also turn him into a brick and has his Grand Star form that has the power enough to destroy a planet. Prime is powerful but not enough.

    • That wasn’t for wishes. Show me the cutscene where you say they do that. Bowser won’t be able to wish for anything except mercy when Prime is wrestling him to the ground and handcuffing the guy. Bowser just isn’t ready to deal with an opponent like this. As much as I like Bowser, that’s why I would say that he is doomed against Prime.

      • They give both of them protection before the fight starts. And also Bowser can just wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies or he could even turn him into a brick. And with his Grand Star form he has destruction capacity and able to destroy planets. Prime will be the one begging for mercy.

      • They really didn’t though. So Bowser’s not going to be doing any wishing here. Prime would be the one with the decisive advantage. I think he will still have some mercy on Bowser of course but he’ll still be taking the win

  30. Bowser can wish to the Dream Stone that Prime dies and he didn’t do it with Mario and Luigi because Starlow and Peach destroy the Dream Stone before Bowser could wish Mario and Luigi away. And also Bowser can just turn him into a brick or he could become Grand Star Bowser who is able to destroy a planet. Prime can’t hope to defeat someone like that.

    • Bowser can make the wish but it won’t work. He would have tried to Mario and Luigi but he wasn’t able to. It wasn’t Starlow, it was just the limits of Bowser. He can’t make wishes like that while Prime can just ask the Matrix for more power

      • he can wish to the Dream Stone. We have seen him able to grant wishes to the Dream Stone and he couldn´t do that to Mario and Luigi cause Peach and Starlow destroyed the Dream Stone with their power of good thoughts before Bowser could wish Mario and Luigi away. But that means that Bowser could wish Prime that dies and the Matrix wouldn´t protect him.

      • Right so Bowser never actually got the dream powers since the stone was broken. That’s why he can’t wish Prime away. Prime will just keep on blasting Bowser until he begs for mercy. That’s the only way Bowser walks out of this in one piece

  31. Stop making up things. We saw even Bowser use the Dream Stone before Mario and Luigi fight him. And Bowser was just to wish Mario and Luigi away but then he gets attack by Starlow and Peach and with their power of good thoughts they destroy the Dream Stone but that means that Bowser can wish to the Dream Stone so he can wish that Prime dies. He could even use the Grand Star and transform into Grand Star Bowser who can invoke meteors and can destroy planets and create his own universe. He can also just turn Prime into a brick.

    • Right, Bowser never made the wish though. He got stopped so it’s not like he could actually do that. Prime would just keep on blasting him and keeping Bowser at bay. There’s a reason why they call him Optimus Prime after all. He’s king of the Autobots

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