Piranha Jones

Piranha Jones isn’t your average villain. He does own a penthouse after all and while he has not appeared in a bunch of comics, he isn’t someone that you’ll forget. The first time that I ever saw Piranha Jones was in the Avengers EMH show. He seemed to be pretty cool and while he definitely underestimated Luke Cage, considering that their rivals and all. He was still someone that you could root for. He doesn’t have a large array of super abilities at his dipsosal, but he makes up for that with his quick thinking and razor sharp teeth. One bite could be fatal to just about any character in media. It just depends on where Piranha Jones gets his bite, but his opponents should beware. Their only chance is attacking him from afar, but an opponent like Piranha Jones will quickly close the gap. Nobody will be able to defeat him at close range and they are just doomed! This is only the beginning for Piranha Jones!

His Main Form


His Record

L Luke Cage

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