Takuya is the main character of the Digimon Frontier series and he definitely has some serious leadership qualities. He is a fire type as with most main characters (Debatable I suppose) and his forms can be quite lethal. He may not have many abilities in his human form, but he can transform into Emperor Greymon and even Susanoomon. While he is in his stronger forms, Takuya possesses great amounts of strength and speed. He would make DBZ fighters proud as he breaks the sound barrier and was also able to endure a large fist barrage without taking any notable damage. Takuya has a lot of endurance is he is usually able to stay conscious after taking a lot of punishment. His attacks include giant energy balls, fire blasts, tackles, fire dragons, and many others. Takuya is definitely not someone that you will want to fight and he’s highly proficient in both long and short range combat. If one had to name an opponent that they would want to avoid..many would probably say Takuya’s name. He’s the perfect fighter because he can adapt to any situation. You do not want to fight this guy!

His Main Forms


His Record

W James Bond
W Captain Kirk

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