JP is one of the main fighters from the Digimon Frontier series. He may look like a joke upon first glance compared to the intense Takuya and the cool Kouji, but he’s tougher than he looks. He’s always armed with a few chocolate bars and he proved that he has the strength of character needed to keep on fighting. When he was up against his shadow double in the boxing ring, he ever gave up! He may not be a big threat in his human form, but what about his digital forms? As Beetlemon, he proved to be every bit as tough as the other heroes and that wasn’t even his final form! He uses a lot of thunder attacks so that will keep enemies from getting too far away. This means that they will have to engage in close combat battles and that could also prove to be deadly. JP’s physical power is staggering and I don’t think that his enemies will survive for very long. His Beast Mode also has a cannon that can do enormous damage in an instant. With all of this knowledge at your disposal, I’m sure that you’ll quickly agree that JP could very well be the strongest character that we’ve ever seen! We will likely be hearing a lot about him throughout the blog in the future.

His Main Forms


His Record

L Takuya

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